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Altered.AI is a new type of digital platform that provides the best AI voice changer software and services. It has changed the entire process of creating voice content.

Altered Studio, the flagship product, is a comprehensive voice content creation platform that integrates multiple voice AI technologies into a single user-friendly application. This advanced technology allows users to transform their voices into an array of carefully curated AI voices, and enhance audio quality, fueling engaging voice-driven content.

Whether you’re a voice actor seeking diverse performances, a media studio aiming to enhance audio production, or a content creator looking to add unique voiceovers, Altered Studio has something exceptional to offer.

Altered - Best AI Voice Changer - AI Voice Alteration - about
Paid, starts from $49/mo
  • AI Voice Alteration
  • Custom Voices
  • Trusted Solution for Media Studios
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Effortless Transcriptions
  • Multilingual translation
  • Voice-Over Magic
Altered - Best AI Voice Changer - AI Voice Alteration - Altered Studio - Your Comprehensive Voice Content Creation Platform

Altered Studio: Your Comprehensive Voice Content Creation Platform

Altered Studio isn’t merely another voice alteration tool! It is a comprehensive platform designed to innovate how voice content is created. By integrating multiple Voice AI technologies into a single user-friendly application, Altered Studio enables effortless voice transformation and content creation.

Altered Studio’s Unique Features: Best AI Voice Changer

Altered Studio is at the forefront of AI voice-changing software innovation. Here’s why it has garnered the trust of major media studios:

AI Voice Alteration: Your Voice, Transformed

Altered Studio introduces an amazing AI voice alteration feature. It enables you to transform your voice into any of its carefully curated AI voices. This innovative feature unlocks a realm of creative possibilities, enabling you to produce engaging and professional voice-centric content that deeply resonates with your target audience. Whether you’re narrating a story, recording a podcast, or adding a voiceover to a video, Altered Studio’s AI voice alteration feature adds a touch of uniqueness to your work.

Custom Voices:

Altered Studio goes beyond curated voices. It offers custom voices too, making your content truly unique. This customization boosts creative freedom and sparks innovative storytelling and engaging audio experiences.

Trusted Solution for Major Media Studios:

When excellence is greatest, industry leaders turn to Altered Studio. Renowned studios such as Rebound Sound Company, Rev Room, and Gimlet put their trust in the transformative power of Altered Studio. The undeniable quality and impact of the Altered Studio’s technology speak for themselves.

Enhanced User Experience:

Altered Studio goes beyond basics. Utilizing cookies to analyze data, provide social media features, and tailor content to individual preferences, the platform enhances user experience. Your journey with Altered Studio becomes transformative and personalized.

Effortless Transcriptions:

Transcribing audio content, be it personal notes or long conference conversations, has never been easier. With just one click, Voice AI empowers you with fast and accurate transcription. Gone are the days of struggling with manual transcription methods; Now you can effortlessly convert spoken words into written text. This efficiency not only saves you time but also ensures accuracy.

Multilingual translation:

The global landscape demands seamless communication across languages, and Voice AI faces challenges. The ability to translate your transcriptions into over 75 languages can break down language barriers. Imagine the possibilities – your content could resonate with audiences around the world. Whether it’s to expand a business or share your ideas globally, the power of communicating effectively knows no bounds.

Voice-Over Magic:

Adding an engaging voice-over to your content can make a difference in grabbing your audience’s attention. Voice AI’s vibrant text-to-speech technology enhances content with rich listening experiences. This feature supports 70+ languages, allowing tailored messaging for diverse audiences. From educational videos to marketing materials, endless possibilities for engaging content creation arise.

Various Use Cases for Altered Studio

For Voice Actors:

For voice actors, Altered Studio offers a playground of possibilities. Imagine being able to seamlessly switch between different AI voices, each suited to different characters and moods. This cool function not just saves time but also lets you experiment with different voice styles, making your work better and more adaptable.

Enhancing Audio Production in Media Studio:

Media studios are constantly looking for ways to improve their audio production. Altered Studio’s AI-powered voice alteration becomes a powerful tool in this context, enabling studios to add a layer of uniqueness to their projects. Whether it’s adding a distinctive voice to a character, enhancing narration, or bringing creativity to commercials, Altered Studio contributes to audio excellence.

For content creators:

Content creators understand the importance of captivating their audience from the very first second. Altered Studio’s AI voice alteration technology provides an ideal solution enabling creators to add engaging and unique voiceovers to their projects. Whether it’s explainer videos, tutorials, or storytelling content, the ability to sense individual voices increases the overall impact and resonance of the content.

Altered Pricing

Altered Studio offers several subscription plans for voice AI content creation. To access their services, visit their pricing page at to explore the different pricing plans available. Choose the plan that aligns with your needs to start editing your voice with Altered Studio’s advanced tools and features.

  • Creator: $49/month, Billed annually
    • Platforms: Online
    • 60 mins Speech-To-Speech Morphing per month
    • 325,000 AI Tokens per month
    • 6 Professional Voices
    • 50 Common Voices
    • Professional Voice Models (Clone, Flexi, Timbre)
    • Voice Morph Controls
    • Voice and Audio Editing Features
    • AI Voice Cleaner
    • AI Denoiser
    • Edit audio inside videos
  • Professional: $150/month, Billed annually
    • Everything in Creator, with:
    • Platforms: Online, Desktop
    • 180 mins Speech-To-Speech Morphing per month
    • 1 Million AI Tokens per month
    • 20 Professional Voices
    • 150 Common Voices
    • Rapid Voice Cloning
    • Performance Voice Models
    • Enhanced Quality Voice Models
    • 48 kHz Sample Rate Output
    • Advanced Batch Processing
    • Customer Support
  • Enterprise: Contact Sales
    • Everything in Professional, with:
    • Platforms: Online, Desktop, Local Server
    • Unlimited Speech-To-Speech Morphing
    • Unlimited AI Tokens
    • Custom Voices
    • 800+ Common Voices
    • Narrator Voice Models
    • Text Reinforcement
    • Multi-Seat Licenses
    • Morph API
    • Dedicated Customer Care

Altered Alternative

  • Voicemaker
  • Koe Recast
  • Celebrity Voice Changer AI
  • Voice Swap
  • Metavoice Studio


Is Altered Studio suitable for voice actors?

Yes, Altered Studio empowers voice actors to showcase their versatility using AI voices.

Can media studios benefit from Altered Studio?

Yes, renowned media studios trust Altered Studio to enhance the quality of their audio productions with AI-driven voice alteration.

How does Altered Studio enhance the user experience?

Altered Studio uses cookies to analyze data, offer social media features, and deliver customized content to ensure a personalized experience.

Are custom voices available on Altered Studio?

Yes, users can create custom AI voices in addition to using the curated portfolio.

What sets Altered Studio apart from other voice alteration platforms?

Altered Studio’s integration of multiple Voice AI technologies and its industry trust make it a standout choice for voice content creation.


Transform your creative journey with Altered Studio – the ultimate catalyst for unleashing your artistic expression and driving innovation. With its unparalleled features, trusted reputation, and personalized user experience, it’s poised to reshape the landscape of voice content creation. Step into the world of Altered Studio and elevate your voice, quite literally, to new dimensions of creativity. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.