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Artbreeder is an Art tool box powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that innovates the creation of amazing art. The platform empowers users to make collages, combine images, and engage with a lively AI art community.

With the Collager feature, users can easily craft collages using shapes and images, and then describe them using prompts. Artbreeder breathes life into these creations, enabling users to explore and generate their own portraits, landscapes, and paintings.

With Splicer, users have the power to blend and transform images, giving birth to entirely new visual wonders. Additionally, they can connect with their favorite artists and share their own creations within the community.

Artists can use Artbreeder to produce concept art, historical pieces, and even music videos. From crafting captivating collages to splicing and reimagining images, Artbreeder opens doors to an entirely new world of artistic expression.

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Free, Paid plan starts at $8.99
  • Creating Art with Collager
  • Creative Potential with Splicer
  • Community and Collaboration
Artbreeder - AI-Powered Art Tool Box - Creating Digital Art - What is Artbreeder

What is Artbreeder

Artbreeder is an online platform that has a bunch of AI tools and with the help of these tools, users can create amazing digital art. This artwork includes creating collages, splicing images, etc. The platform also has a creator’s community where users can share and follow their work if they wish.

How does Artbreeder’s Collager feature work?

The Collager tool provides users with the capability to create basic collages using shapes and images. Users can describe the collage using a prompt, and then Artbreeder makes it real.

Artbreeder AI Features

Artbreeder is an AI-driven online platform that transforms the art creation process. Some of its key features and benefits include:

Crafting Art with Collager

Artbreeder’s Collager feature is an impressive tool that empowers users to effortlessly create visually striking collages using a diverse range of shapes and images. The process is both user-friendly and artistic. Users can easily choose the elements they wish to include in their collage and express their vision with a prompt. The true enchantment unfolds when Artbreeder’s AI adds vitality to these compositions, transforming them in ways that go beyond the confines of conventional art.

Unlock Creative Potential with Splicer

Artbreeder’s Splicer tool enhances your creative abilities significantly. It allows users to combine, merge, and edit images in innovative ways that were once hard to imagine. Whether you want to craft a dreamlike landscape or create an engaging portrait, the Splicer feature provides you with a versatile artistic platform. It inspires experimentation, innovation, and the exploration of new frontiers in digital art.

Community and Collaboration

Artbreeder hosts a diverse community of artists, creators, and enthusiasts alongside its array of AI tools. It serves as an excellent platform for users to share their work, team up with like-minded individuals, and keep up with their preferred creators. The lively AI art community within Artbreeder serves as a wellspring of inspiration, fostering creativity among its members.

Use cases: Diverse Applications of Artbreeder

Artbreeder is versatile and applicable to a wide range of creative activities:


Artists looking for innovative ways to bring their ideas to life find Artbreeder an invaluable resource. This allows them to explore uncharted territory and create visuals that fascinate and inspire.

Content creators

Content creators looking to produce visuals for history documentaries and music videos can turn to Artbreeder for inspiration. It provides a canvas for crafting visuals that enhance storytelling and engage audiences.

Art Enthusiasts

Art enthusiasts, both novices and connoisseurs, can use Artbreeder to explore and experiment with AI-generated art. It offers a space for creative expression and appreciation of digital artistry.

Artbreeder’s Tools: AI Art Tool Box

Artbreeder provides artists and creators with versatile tools that include:


Create impressive artwork by mixing images and text effortlessly.

Artbreeder - AI-Powered Art Tool Box - Creating Digital Art - Artbreeder's Tools - AI Art Tool Box - Mixer


Transform simple shapes, images, and text into beautiful collages that defy traditional art boundaries.

Artbreeder - AI-Powered Art Tool Box - Creating Digital Art - Artbreeder's Tools - AI Art Tool Box - Collager


Edit photo genes with Splicer to create unique and charming portraits, landscapes, and more.

Artbreeder - AI-Powered Art Tool Box - Creating Digital Art - Artbreeder's Tools - AI Art Tool Box - Splicer


Extend and enhance any image you create within Artbreeder with the OutPainter tool, taking your art to new heights.

Artbreeder - AI-Powered Art Tool Box - Creating Digital Art - Artbreeder's Tools - AI Art Tool Box - Outpainter

Artbreeder Pricing

Artbreeder offers a range of pricing plans to cater to various needs:

  • Free Plan: Enjoy unlimited images, perfect for those starting their artistic journey.
  • Starter Plan: Priced at $8.99, this plan offers additional features like Google Drive Sync and privacy controls.
  • Advanced Plan: For $18.99, users can access high-resolution downloads and custom genes.
  • Champion Plan: The ultimate plan at $38.99 provides unlimited image uploads, high-resolution downloads, and animation frames. It also includes Google Drive Sync and privacy controls.

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Can I share my work on Artbreeder with others?

Absolutely! Artbreeder encourages users to share their creations with the vibrant AI art community it has cultivated.

Can I follow my favorite creators on Artbreeder?

Yes, Artbreeder allows users to follow their favorite creators, fostering engagement and collaboration within the AI art community.

What can I create with Artbreeder?

Artbreeder allows users to craft a diverse range of digital art, such as concept art, historical pieces, music videos, distinctive collages, blended images, portraits, landscapes, paintings, and much more.

Does Artbreeder offer high-resolution downloads?

In fact, Artbreeder offers high-resolution downloads but the amount depends on the plan chosen.

Can I use Google Drive Sync in all Artbreeder plans?

No, Google Drive Sync is only available on the Starter, Advanced, and Champion plans to give you more access to your creative work.


So, Artbreeder is not just a simple AI platform. With Collager and Splicer features, it lets artists and creators make stunning AI-driven art. It has a lively community, promotes teamwork, and offers different pricing options including a Free plan. Whether you’re an aspiring artist, content creator, or art lover, Artbreeder can unlock limitless creativity. Your imagination is the only limit. Dive in, create, and push the boundaries of digital art with Artbreeder. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.