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If you are a content creator, writer, or blogger looking for the best skills for crafting high-quality pieces, look no further. Because Bertha AI Chrome Extension is your answer. has also launched an innovative WordPress plugin. This plugin uses AI technology to provide writers with invaluable ideas and suggestions to improve their work. This improves the entire writing process. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), this plugin enables writers to achieve superior results in significantly less time. - AI Chrome Extension, WordPress Plugin For Content Creation - Bertha.AI Your Writing Companion
Freemium, paid plans start at $20/mo
  • Seamless Integration
  • Content Ideas
  • Efficient Content Generation
  • Web Designer’s Companion
  • Subscription Plans - AI Chrome Extension, WordPress Plugin For Content Creation - Bertha AI in Focus Features

Bertha.AI: Your Writing Companion

Creating content using WordPress plugins.

Imagine a writing assistant that not only provides suggestions but also harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance your content creation journey. Bertha AI has launched a WordPress plugin that is writers’ secret weapon to writing excellence.

Beyond WordPress: The Chrome Extension

But what if you are not a WordPress user? The Bertha AI Chrome extension brings AI-powered magic straight to your fingertips, regardless of your platform. This extension caters to Chrome and Edge users, opening the door to the same convenience that WordPress users are enjoying.

Bertha AI in Focus: Features

Bertha AI, the AI-powered writing assistant, is designed to streamline content creation, offering several key features and benefits:

Seamless Integration

Bertha AI seamlessly integrates with WordPress and is emerging as a Chrome Extension for effortless accessibility.

Content Ideas

Employing AI, Bertha AI delivers writing suggestions and generates content ideas, optimizing your creative process.

Efficient Content Generation

From compelling website copy and product descriptions to engaging blog posts and images, Bertha AI significantly reduces time investment, potentially up to 90%.

Web Designer’s Companion

Bertha AI has become a valuable resource for web designers, automating content generation for clients and reducing manual labor and long waits.

Subscription Plans

Bertha AI caters to diverse needs with Monthly, Yearly, and Pro subscription plans, each equipped with distinct features and options.

Bertha AI’s Versatility: Use Cases

Bertha AI addresses a wide array of professional needs:

For content marketers

This can be a nice tool for content marketers. Bertha AI is here to help you create compelling copy that engages and converts your audience.

For web designers

Web designers will find Bertha AI invaluable in creating content that impresses clients. Say goodbye to manual work and long waits for content creation.

Time saver for bloggers

Time is precious for bloggers. Bertha AI saves you time in both writing and image creation, so you can focus on sharing your insights and stories. Pricing

Bertha AI offers different subscription plans for different needs. Users have the option to use Bertha for free initially and then decide whether they want to invest in a subscription plan or pay-as-you-go for image generation.

The subscription plan offers the following features:

  • One price for all:
    • Price: $20/month
    • Features: Full access to Bertha AI’s capabilities, including Chat, Ask Me Anything, and Long Form Content text generation. It can be used within a web browser using The Bertha Chrome Extension. Bertha AI is positioned as an alternative to ChatGPT and includes image generation and AI image search functionalities.
    • Entitlements: Unlimited users, access to the Chrome Extension on unlimited websites, and the ability to generate 1,000,000 words per month.
    • Image Generation: The subscription plan includes 20 image generations per month.
    • Support: Priority support is provided to subscribers.
    • Guarantee: A 7-day money-back guarantee is offered for subscribers.
  • Pay As You Go Images:
    • Price: Starting from $15 for 100 Images Alternative

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What exactly is Bertha AI?

Bertha AI is an innovative WordPress plugin and Chrome extension powered by AI that provides writing suggestions and content creation capabilities.

Is Bertha AI only for WordPress users?

No, Bertha AI offers browser extensions for Chrome and Edge that extend its reach beyond WordPress.

How can I get started with Bertha AI?

You need to download the Chrome extension and WordPress plugin for Chrome browser and WordPress integration respectively and follow the installation instructions provided.

What benefits does Bertha AI offer for content marketers?

Bertha AI provides content marketers with writing suggestions and content creation capabilities, saving time and improving the quality of their copy.


Bertha.AI Chrome Extension is an advanced tool that can change the way you write. It is an outstanding platform for content creators, writers, and bloggers as it offers various great features like AI-powered suggestions, visual creation capabilities, seamless integration, etc. Bertha AI has opened up a new dimension in content creation by easily integrating with WordPress and other platforms. So you can take this transformative tool and unleash your full potential as a content creator. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.