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Casetext specializes in legal AI technology, with over ten years of advancement. Their key innovation, CoCounsel, is the world’s first dependable AI legal assistant.

CoCounsel swiftly handles critical legal tasks like document review, legal research, deposition preparation, and contract analysis, boosting lawyers’ efficiency.

Lawyers can input legal issues and jurisdiction details into CoCounsel for instant comprehensive answers supported by relevant sources. It accurately identifies key documents and information, enhancing precision and cutting costs.

CoCounsel automates contract revisions by spotting clauses, conflicts, and risks, and suggesting amendments.

Trusted by over 10,000 law firms, Casetext’s leadership team brings exceptional expertise, with backgrounds including roles like Stanford Law Review president and Senate Judiciary Committee work.

Casetext carefully evaluates new technologies for trust and safety. Its skilled attorneys and efficient engineers spend extensive time training CoCounsel.

CoCounsel utilizes GPT-4’s advanced capabilities, surpassing real bar candidates. It allows more lawyers to offer higher-quality, efficient, and affordable representation to a broader clientele.

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  • Critical Task Automation
  • Contract Analysis
  • Rapid Responses
Casetext - AI legal assistant - Task Automation - contract analysis - document review - deposition preparation

What is CoCounsel?

CoCounsel, created by Casetext, stands out as the first trustworthy AI legal assistant globally. Operating on the robust GPT4 tech, it efficiently handles vital legal duties like reviewing documents, conducting legal research, preparing memos for depositions, and analyzing contracts, all completed within minutes.

How does CoCounsel work?

CoCounsel works by taking in details about a legal issue and relevant jurisdiction. It then provides a comprehensive answer supported by sources in seconds.

Enhancing Precision and Efficiency: It can pinpoint crucial documents in contract databases and important information during discovery, improving accuracy, and recall, and lowering costs.

Automating Contract Revision: When given contracts and policies for compliance, CoCounsel identifies relevant clauses, conflicts, and risks, and offers suggestions for revisions.

Casetext provides CoCounsel, an advanced AI legal assistant crafted to boost lawyers’ productivity. Some of its key features and benefits are:

Critical Task Automation

CoCounsel simplifies document review. It also streamlines legal research, deposition preparation, and contract analysis, significantly reducing turnaround times.

Comprehensive Contract Analysis

CoCounsel identifies critical documents and key information. It offers invaluable insights that inform strategic decision-making and risk mitigation efforts.

Rapid Responses

Input an issue, and CoCounsel delivers a complete answer with supporting sources within seconds, empowering lawyers with instant access to pertinent information.

Use Cases for Casetext

Casetext offers practical solutions for different types of legal professionals:

For law firms

Casetext boosts productivity by helping manage tasks efficiently, allowing lawyers to focus on providing quality legal services to clients.

Casetext simplifies legal research and contract analysis, enabling smooth operations and informed decision-making.

For solo and small practices

Casetext gives access to advanced AI, enabling competition with larger firms by offering efficient legal services and gaining a competitive edge.


Casetext gives a free trial to those interested. To know about pricing and packages, contact their sales team.


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What technology powers CoCounsel?

CoCounsel is powered by GPT-4 tech, an advanced AI technology known for its effectiveness. By leveraging this technology, CoCounsel performs tasks at incredibly fast speeds, providing dependable outcomes.

How does CoCounsel assist in legal research and document analysis?

CoCounsel assists in legal research and document analysis by quickly furnishing comprehensive answers with relevant sources, based on provided details like the legal issue and jurisdiction. It efficiently identifies crucial documents within contract databases and key information during discovery, enhancing accuracy and retrieval while minimizing expenses.

Who can gain benefit from Casetext’s CoCounsel?

Casetext’s CoCounsel is useful for different types of legal professionals, such as solo and small firm lawyers, big firm lawyers, in-house counsel, litigators, and transactional attorneys.

What is the job of CoCounsel?

CoCounsel handles various important tasks essential for legal work. It can review documents, generate legal research memos, assist in deposition preparation, and analyze contracts.

How can I join CoCounsel?

To become a part of CoCounsel, you can sign up directly on the Casetext website using the following web address:


Casetext’s CoCounsel offers advanced AI assistance for legal tasks. It speeds up processes like document review and contract analysis. With CoCounsel, lawyers get quick, accurate answers and can identify crucial information efficiently. The platform is trusted by thousands of law firms and brings significant benefits to legal professionals. CoCounsel’s technology is based on GPT-4, ensuring reliable results. By using CoCounsel, lawyers can work more effectively and provide better services to their clients.