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ContentFries is a one-click content multiplier app designed to make content creation easy. It helps users generate diverse content pieces to reach a wider audience. The platform provides a bunch of AI content creation tools that allow you to convert videos into different formats and plan content well in advance.

With features like auto-subtitles for 120+ languages, ContentFries accelerates the content creation process. Transform your long-form videos, or “potatoes,” into bite-sized content fries quickly. Repurpose content for weeks or months ahead with ContentFries and enjoy a streamlined content creation experience.

ContentFries - Content Multiplier App - AI Content Creation Tools - about
Free Trial, Paid plans start from $9/mo
  • Add Subtitles To Video
  • Add images/logo to the video
  • Add an Intro/Outro
  • Add a progress bar to the video
  • Add text to the video
  • Templates
  • Social Media Quote Cards
  • Powerful Subtitle Presets
  • Remove Silence from Video
  • Repurpose video content
  • Video Trimmer
  • Audio Visualizers
ContentFries - Content Multiplier App - AI Content Creation Tools - Content Repurposing

ContentFries Features

Add Subtitles To Video

Captivate a wider audience by seamlessly adding subtitles to your videos. ContentFries simplifies this process, offering easy options to write, auto-generate, or import subtitles. Edit captions effortlessly with one-click timing sync, modeling the success of top content creators.

Add images/logo to the video

Elevate your video aesthetics by incorporating images and logos. Customize backgrounds, protect your work with image watermarks, and add your logo strategically. Enjoy full control over image placement, transitions, and modifications, ensuring your videos align with your brand identity.

Add an Intro/Outro

Inject intros, outros, or video calls-to-action automatically using ContentFries Trimmer. Streamline your content creation by generating these elements as needed, saving you valuable time.

Add a progress bar to the video

Maintain viewer engagement with a customizable progress bar. Choose from various presets to create a visually appealing progress bar without the need for complex video editing skills. Keep your audience hooked until the very end effortlessly.

Add text to the video

Enhance your videos by adding text, captions, headlines, or emojis. Generate multiple videos in bulk, create reusable templates, and unleash your creativity. With ContentFries, you’re in complete control of your textual elements.

Create Videos Using Templates

Forget the days of the time-consuming video creation process. ContentFries’ video set-and-forget templates let you effortlessly craft impressive, brand-friendly, and engaging videos in just minutes.

Generate Social Media Quote Cards

Become a Content MasterChef by cooking up quote cards for social media on ContentFries’ powerful cloud infrastructure. Process all your content fries in bulk, add finishing touches in the context editor, and export or download them in various formats.

Powerful Subtitle Presets

Select from a curated collection of powerful subtitle presets in ContentFries. Transform your subtitles into highly engaging elements. Personalize with keyword or line highlighting. Utilize the randomizer for text rotation or size variation. Blend custom text colors, highlights, and other features to enhance your videos. Stand out with captivating videos like established content creators.

Remove Silence from Video

Effortlessly remove silent parts from your videos with a single click. Customize silence duration, and padding between audible parts, or use predefined settings to optimize your content.

Remove “Uhs and Ohs” from Video

Eliminate filler words like “uhs and ohs” from your videos in seconds. Enhance both transcription and video clarity for a professional and polished outcome.

Content Repurposing: Repurpose and multiply video content

Utilize the context system to automatically generate video content for various platforms. From Facebook, and Instagram to TikTok, ContentFries ensures your content is platform-ready with minimal effort.

Fast Video Trimmer

Create dozens of content pieces at lightning speed with the fast video trimmer. Intuitively cut and generate bite-sized social videos in no time, optimizing your content creation workflow.

Audio Visualizers

Turn podcasts and audio files into captivating social videos with ContentFries’ audio visualizers. Customize visuals in seconds and distribute your content to attract new fans effortlessly.

ContentFries 2.0: Content Multiplier App

Get ready for ContentFries 2.0 – a mind-blowing next-gen content repurposing and scheduling platform. Schedule your content directly to major social media platforms within ContentFries, featuring an enhanced UI, additional video editing features, video mergers, and text-to-video capabilities.

Use cases for ContentFries

Small Business Owners: Amplify Your Content Reach

Turn your interviews, webinars, live streams, and other videos into a plethora of engaging content pieces, expanding your business presence.

Content Creators: Repurpose and Conquer

Leverage your existing content, repurpose it, and distribute it across platforms to establish omnipresence and broaden your audience.

Agencies and Freelancers: Boost Productivity

Delight your clients, increase productivity, and offer content repurposing as a valuable service to stand out in the competitive market.

Small Teams and Virtual Assistants: Streamline Workflow

Simplify your content marketing workflow and maximize the potential of your video content with ContentFries.

Contentfries Pricing

ContentFries provides fair and flexible pricing plans, with a free trial option available. Enjoy a credit-based system that adjusts to your requirements, ensuring optimal value for your budget. Choose the pricing model that best suits your needs.

  • COOK: $9/mo
  • CHEF: $19/mo
  • MASTERCHEF: $29/mo
  • STAR: $39/mo
  • DOUBLE STAR: $59/mo
  • TRIPLE STAR: $79/mo
  • LEGEND: $99/mo

Contentfries Alternative

  • Animaker’s Subtitle Generator
  • Auto Subtitle Generator
  • ChapterGPT
  • Dubverse
  • Scribebuddy
  • Free Subtitles AI
  • Dubify
  • ScribeBud
  • Motionbear


What exactly is ContentFries, and how can it benefit me?

ContentFries is an innovative content multiplier app designed to simplify and enhance your content creation process with just one click. It helps you create diverse content pieces effortlessly, maximizing your reach across various platforms.

Can ContentFries be used by individuals with no technical expertise?

Certainly, ContentFries is crafted with user-friendliness as a priority. Whether you’re an experienced content creator or a beginner, navigating the platform and utilizing its features is straightforward and accessible.

How does adding subtitles to videos contribute to audience engagement?

Videos with subtitles tend to engage a larger audience. Subtitles make content more accessible, and with ContentFries, you can add them seamlessly through simple writing, auto-generation, or importing options.

How does ContentFries help in content repurposing?

ContentFries simplifies content repurposing by offering a range of tools. From a fast video trimmer to powerful subtitle presets you can efficiently repurpose and multiply your video content for different platforms.

Can I use ContentFries for social media marketing?

Certainly! ContentFries is designed specifically for social media marketers. It enables the creation of quote cards, facilitates content repurposing for different platforms, and provides powerful subtitle presets to enhance the visibility of your videos.


ContentFries can be your ultimate content creation solution. If you’re a small business owner aiming to broaden your audience, a content creator looking to repurpose content for new platforms, or part of an agency wanting to enhance productivity, ContentFries is the answer. Its user-friendly features, from subtitles and visuals to intros and outros, empower you to create engaging content effortlessly.

With ContentFries 2.0, featuring advanced content repurposing and scheduling capabilities, the future looks even more promising. The platform’s fair and flexible pricing, including a free trial, ensures you get maximum value for your budget.

So, ContentFries simplifies your content marketing process, becoming a crucial tool for those seeking to maximize their video content’s potential. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.