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“Diagram.com” is the official online platform of Diagram, a forward-thinking company specializing in AI-powered design tools. Employing innovative generative AI technology, specialized tools are tailored to foster ingenuity in AI UI design and various other creative realms. The platform grants simple access to these cutting-edge design resources. Being a hotspot for innovators, it unites creative experts and AI admirers under one roof. This detailed guide will immerse you in Diagram’s vision, revolutionary products, and the future of UI design.

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  • Automator – Design Automation Without Code
  • Magician – AI-Powered Prototyping
  • Genius – The Smart Assistant for Designers
Diagram - AI UI Design with Generative AI - What is Diagram

What is Diagram

“Diagram” is an advanced design tools company with a highly skilled team of builders, creatives, and prototypers. Their primary objective is to spearhead a revolution in UI design through the utilization of generative AI technology. The company offers different AI-driven design tools like Automator, Magician, Genius, etc. The platform integrates intelligent systems with impeccable design to make the design process more enjoyable, inclusive, and creative.

Diagram’s Vision for the Future

At Diagram, the vision is clear – to create radically powerful tools that not only improve the lives of UI designers but also empower individuals from various backgrounds to design their digital world.

They believe that by combining intelligent systems with smart execution, they can achieve this goal. Their journey towards achieving this vision is marked by innovative products changing the game in UI design.

The Innovative Products: AI UI Design

Diagram’s commitment to enhancing the lives of UI designers is evident through their innovative products:

Automator: Design Automation Without Code

Diagram.com’s first product, Automator, enables designers to create automation tools without coding. Tens of thousands of designers and hundreds of teams have already embraced Automator to accelerate their design workflow.

Diagram - AI UI Design with Generative AI - The Innovative Products - Automator - Design Automation Without Code

Magician: AI-Powered Prototyping

“Magician” is the second product in Diagram’s arsenal. It’s a collection of AI-powered tools that enable designers to swiftly prototype copy, glyphs, and images for their projects. But that’s not all; Magician tackles previously daunting challenges, such as automatically naming layers.

These capabilities are packaged as individual “spells”, allowing for quick prototyping and release. The magic of Magician is poised to transform the way designers work.

Diagram - AI UI Design with Generative AI - The Innovative Products - Magician - AI-Powered Prototyping

Genius: The Smart Assistant for Designers

If you thought Automator and Magician were impressive, Genius takes it to a whole new level. This product combines cutting-edge AI models with engineering prowess to deliver an auto-completing smart assistant right within design tools like Figma.

Imagine having an intelligent assistant that enhances your design process. Diagram is enthusiastic about its progress in “drawing boxes better” and is eager to collaborate with you on this exciting journey.

Diagram - AI UI Design with Generative AI - The Innovative Products - Genius - The Smart Assistant for Designers

The Future: Innovation Unleashed

Diagram’s innovation train isn’t stopping anytime soon. They’ve got some seriously cool stuff in the pipeline – their very own UI-AI Glyphs model, the Xdesign app, and a bunch of other exciting projects. They’re not keeping it a secret; Diagram likes to share their wild ideas with everyone, just like their past experiments with Prototyper and UI Archive.

Diagram Pricing

Diagram.com offers a free trial license to access their innovative tools like Automator, Magician, and Genius.


  • Public beta: Free, 1 license, unlimited use.
    • Early Access
    • All magic spells
    • All future updates


  • Personal: Free, 1 license, unlimited use.
    • Unlimited automations
    • Over 100 actions
    • Importing/exporting
    • Access to Community
    • All future updates

Diagram Alternative

  • VisualizeAI
  • Dimensions
  • dotBRAND
  • Myth.Ai
  • Design Ducky
  • FigGPT


What is Diagram.com?

Diagram.com is an innovative company that reimagines UI design using generative AI. Their objective is to enhance the accessibility and enjoyability of design.

What are Diagram’s key products?

Diagram.com has introduced Automator, a design automation tool, and Magician, an AI-powered prototyping solution. They also have Genius, a smart assistant tool, in the pipeline.

How can Automator benefit designers?

With Automator, designers can create automation tools without the hassle of coding, making design workflows easier and faster.

What does Magician offer to designers?

Magician provides a collection of AI-powered tools that enable designers to prototype for copy, glyphs, and images, and also offers customizable “spells” to enhance the design process.

What’s next for Diagram.com?

Diagram.com has exciting plans, including developing its own UI-AI Glyphs model and the Xdesign app, as it continues to innovate in the field of UI design.


In a world of creativity and innovation, Diagram is changing how designers work with its smart tools like Automator, Magician, and Genius. With super innovative AI products plus a vision for a more creative and inclusive design future, Diagram is totally changing the game. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.