Dreamer – AI-Generated Images for Notion with Stable Diffusion

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Thinking about an AI tool that can effortlessly turn your imaginative prompts into stunning visual creations? SlashDreamer or Dreamer for short, the groundbreaking AI-powered platform, is here to make your dreams come true.

“Dreamer” is a transformative tool that seamlessly integrates AI-generated images into Noton, taking visual content creation to new heights. This post will highlight the functionality and benefits of this innovative platform.

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Free Trial, Paid plans start at $0.99/month
  • AI-Generated Images for Notion with Stable Diffusion
  • Command /dream for Image Generation
  • Prompt Writing
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Dreamer – AI-Generated Images for Notion with Stable Diffusion - What is Dreamer

What is Dreamer

Ever had a vivid image in your mind that you want to see in reality? “Dreamer” actually helps bridge the gap between imagination and creation. This AI tool uses advanced AI models like Stable Diffusion and Dalle-E to turn any textual prompt into a visually stunning image.

The Power of Dreamer

SlashDreamer enables users to convert their ordinary prompts into extraordinary visuals seamlessly. If you are a content creator, a designer or just looking to express your ideas in general, this platform is for you.

How Does SlashDreamer Function?

The fundamental objective of SlashDreamer is to streamline the process of image generation within Notion. At the core of its functionality is a breakthrough feature: the “/dream” command. By applying this command, users can effortlessly create prompts, which are then replaced by AI-generated images directly below the prompt.

Dreamer – AI-Generated Images for Notion with Stable Diffusion - How Does SlashDreamer Function

The Power of “/dream” Command

Utilize the “/dream” command to unlock the full potential of AI-generated images.
After entering this command, users can generate their prompts, which will be accompanied by corresponding images generated by the AI.

Crafting Imaginative Prompts

Users have the freedom to express their creativity by creating imaginative prompts after the “/dream” command. After expressing their vision as text prompts, Dreamers AI tries to turn these creative ideas into impressive photos.

From Prompt to Reality

The moment a user ends their prompt with a period, the creative process is complete. SlashDreamer translates the prompt into a real image that seamlessly integrates into the Notion workspace.

Dreamer Features

Some key features of Dreamer are:

AI-Generated Images for Notion with Stable Diffusion:

SlashDreamer is a web application that facilitates the integration of Notion, a popular project and task management tool, with Stable Diffusion, a state-of-the-art AI model capable of generating realistic images from text prompts. The primary goal of SlashDreamer is to make the process of generating images within Notion seamless and efficient.

Command /dream for Image Generation:

SlashDreamer introduces a new command, “/dream,” within Notion. This command allows users to input their prompts for creating images. When users enter “/dream” followed by their description of the desired image, the generated image is placed directly below the prompt in Notion.

Dreamer – AI-Generated Images for Notion with Stable Diffusion - Dreamer Features - Command dream for Image Generation

Prompt Writing Process:

Users initiate the image generation by typing “/dream” followed by their description. The AI processes everything after the “/dream” command and before a dot (.), which indicates the end of the prompt. The description provided by the user serves as input to create the image.

Dreamer – AI-Generated Images for Notion with Stable Diffusion - Dreamer Features - Prompt Writing Process

Technology and AI Models:

SlashDreamer uses advanced machine learning models like Stable Diffusion or DALL-E to generate images from user descriptions. These models employ cutting-edge AI techniques to deliver high-quality visual output.

Dreamer Pricing

While creativity knows no bounds, SlashDreamer’s services come with a cost. The platform offers three distinct pricing plans to meet different needs. From hobbyists to professionals, there’s a plan to suit everyone.

  • AI Artist Beginner: $0.99/mo, Ideal for individuals seeking sporadic image generation.
    • 7 days trial
    • 15 images/month
    • 48h response time
  • AI Artist: $4.99/mo, Tailored for enthusiasts and small teams, this plan offers extended features.
    • 7 days trial
    • 100 images/month
    • 48h response time
  • AI Artist Pro: $9.99/mo, Designed for larger teams and organizations requiring frequent image integration.
    • 7 days trial
    • 300 images/month
    • 24h priority response time
    • Feature suggestions

Dreamer Alternative

  • Thinkdiffusion
  • AIimag.es
  • Concept
  • Kiri.Art
  • Visuali
  • Midjourney Prompt Generator


Why is SlashDreamer not free?

Generating images with AI takes a lot of resources like processing power, so the investment is needed to keep them good and fast. That’s why they’re offering paid plans – they make sure the platform stays strong and keeps getting better.

When can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime you want. The subscription begins after a 7-day trial, and there won’t be any charges during this trial period.

Who owns the generated image?

Generated images belong to you, not SlashDreamer. These images are generated using Stable Diffusion and are subject to the conditions provided by the AI model.

How do I create images using artificial intelligence with Dreamer?

Dreamer uses advanced machine learning models like Stable Diffusion and Dell-E to harness the power of AI to create images with your text prompts and commands.


SlashDreamer redefines Notion image integration, introducing a user-centric approach powered by AI-driven capabilities. You can easily turn your creative vision into reality in the digital landscape using this unique platform with just a text prompt. So embrace the future of visual content creation with “Dreamer”, and bridge the gap between imagination and innovation. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.