Dust – Design and Deploy Large Language Model Apps With Secure AI Assistant

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AI is totally changing the game in the workplace and conferring a competitive edge upon adept teams. Dust is a secure AI assistant that seamlessly integrates the power of GPT-4 and securely brings together the best large language models, an ever-updated repository of company knowledge, powerful collaboration tools, and an extensible platform ready for your team to use. This guide is your gateway to understanding large language models, prompting, and the concepts needed for designing and building applications using large language models.

Dust - Design and Deploy Large Language Model Apps With Secure AI Assistant - Key Features of Dust.tt
  • GPT-4 Integration
  • AI Skill Development
  • Custom Workflows
Dust - Design and Deploy Large Language Model Apps With Secure AI Assistant - What are Large Language Models

Understanding Large Language Models

What are Large Language Models?

Large language models are at the front of AI innovation. Built on the robust Transformer architecture, these complex deep-learning systems specialize in text generation. These models operate on tokens, which can represent words or parts of words, and they are trained on massive datasets from the internet, such as CommonCrawl, StackOverflow, and Github. The primary goal of these models is to predict the next token in a sequence of tokens based on the input they receive.

Tokenization and Text Generation

Tokenization is an important process in large language models. It essentially breaks the text into individual tokens that enable the model to understand and process the text effectively. So, once tokenized, the model uses a process called auto-regressive decoding to generate the text. It predicts the next token based on a given prompt, appends it to the prompt and continues this process until it reaches a particular token or the context ends.

Key Features of Dust.tt: Secure AI Assistant

Dust offers several features to empower your team:

GPT-4 Integration

Dust offers unified and secure access to GPT-4. By connecting Dust to your team’s data, you can break down knowledge silos and provide always up-to-date answers through an intuitive chat UI. This feature ensures that your team has the most accurate information.

AI Skill Development

With Dust, your team can easily share prompts and have conversations to familiarize themselves with the potential of generative AI for their tasks. Dust even provides suggestions for documentation updates and improvements based on ongoing internal discussions and decisions.

Custom Workflows

With Dust.tt, you can build custom LLM(Large Language Model)-based applications on top of your company’s data. Dust simplifies the process by assisting you in adapting LLMs to your specific requirements, eliminating the need for extensive coding. Whether it’s automating tasks or enhancing data analysis, Dust.tt adapts to your workflow.

Developer Platform Overview

Dust.tt is not just a tool; it’s a developer-friendly platform designed to simplify the creation and deployment of LLM-based applications. Hence, developers can focus on designing applications without the need for extensive coding. Key aspects of the platform include:

  • Multitasking: Developers can work on multiple instances at the same time when designing a large language model app.
  • Intermediary Outputs: Dust.tt provides insight into model outputs produced by intermediate steps in large language model apps, facilitating troubleshooting and optimization.
  • Automated Versioning: The platform offers a granular and automated versioning system, ensuring efficient iteration and development in the design of large language model apps.

Core Blocks

Dust apps are built with sequential Blocks, and these Blocks execute in order. Each Block generates outputs and can access the results of previously executed Blocks. To gain a deeper understanding of how Dust apps execute, they encourage you to review the sections on Inputs and Execution.

Integration Blocks

Dust’s Integration blocks are essential for seamless integration with external systems, primarily for data retrieval. These versatile blocks enable web searches, content retrieval, and API calls.

Dust’s Data Sources offers a fully managed semantic search solution. A Data Source stores documents for semantic searches. Documents are ingested via API or manually uploaded from the Dust interface. Upon upload, documents are automatically processed, embedded, and indexed. Searches can be executed on Data Source documents using the data_source block, which embeds queries and performs vector searches to retrieve semantically relevant documents and associated chunks. Data sources enable apps to conduct efficient semantic searches over extensive document collections, eliminating the need to manage complex vector search databases, document chunking, embedding, and query execution.

The Dust Product Constitution

Dust.tt is built on a foundation of core principles:

  • Augmentation, Not Replacement: Dust is designed to augment human capabilities, not replace them. It aims to improve work-life for smart people and make tasks more manageable.
  • Data Security and Privacy: Dust prioritizes data security and privacy, aspiring to set new standards in the industry.
  • Solving Real Problems: Instead of chasing hype, Dust focuses on addressing challenging problems related to user experience and product quality.
  • AI-Centric Approach: Dust is built from the ground up with large language models in mind, ensuring a cohesive AI experience.

Dust Pricing

You can use Dust.tt for free.

Dust Alternative

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  • SDK Vercel
  • Taylor AI
  • LangTale
  • AI Vercel Playground
  • SuperAPI
  • Terracotta
  • Baseplate


How does Dust ensure data security?

Dust is uncompromising in terms of security and privacy. Dust ensures your security and privacy through strict standards.

Can I build custom apps with Dust?

Yes, Dust provides a platform to build custom large language model apps as per your needs.

What is the core principle behind Dust’s development?

Dust focuses on augmenting human capabilities and solving real problems rather than chasing hype.

How does Dust handle semantic searches?

Dust’s Data Sources offers a managed semantic search solution, streamlining the search process for relevant information.

Is Dust suitable for teams of all sizes?

Yes, Dust is designed to benefit teams of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.


Dust.tt represents an important step in the field of AI-powered assistants. Its combination of large language models, prompting, app design, customization options, and developer-friendly platform make it an attractive choice for organizations looking to effectively leverage AI while maintaining data security and privacy. So, explore Dust.tt today and unlock the full potential of AI for your team. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.