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FakeYou is a cool text-to-speech app (Celebrity Voice Generator) that lets you create realistic voice recordings of famous people (Celebrities) and cartoon characters. The platform uses advanced deep fake tech to generate custom voices. You can pick from a library of 2979 voices and filters based on language and category. Once you select a voice, the app processes your input to create the audio clip, which you can preview before downloading.

FakeYou has a community feature for users to share audio clips, see a leaderboard, and check out the latest recordings. If you’re tech-savvy, there’s an API and developers page to integrate FakeYou into your projects. Apart from this, the platform offers various interesting tools like Voice to Voice, Voice Designer, Face Animator, etc.

FakeYou – AI Celebrity Voice Generator - about
Premium, Paid plans start at $7/month
  • Various AI Tools
  • Voices library
  • Preview and Download
  • Community
  • Developer And API
  • Flexible Pricing
FakeYou – AI Celebrity Voice Generator - Voice Designer Face Animator

What is FakeYou?

FakeYou is a high-tech text-to-speech app employing advanced AI and deep fake technology. Specializing in crafting realistic audio clips, it excels at mimicking the genuine voices of both celebrities and animated characters. The platform additionally provides a range of AI tools, encompassing Face animation, voice-to-voice generation, Voice Design, and other functionalities.

How does FakeYou’s deep fake work?

FakeYou utilizes deep fake technology, generating synthetic audio through machine learning. The process involves processing user-specified text with selected voices from its library to generate customized audio clips.

FakeYou features: AI Celebrity Voice Generator

FakeYou offers several features to create audio clips like celebrity and cartoon character voices.

Various AI Tools

FakeYou provides different engaging AI tools such as Voice to Voice, Voice Designer, and Face Animator for your project. These tools offer creative solutions to enhance your project with unique features like realistic voice generation, customizable voice designs, and animated facial expressions.

Huge Voices library

Find your perfect voice from 2979+ choices! Sort them by language – it’s like having the best selection of voices just for you!

Easy Preview and Download

Allow users with the ability to preview session results before committing to downloading the generated audio clip.

Community Connection

Participate in the dynamic FakeYou community by uploading your audio clips, engaging in leaderboards, and staying informed about the latest creations from other users.

Developer And API

Integrate FakeYou effortlessly through their dedicated API and developer support, opening doors to limitless possibilities for your projects.

Flexible Pricing Options

The platform offers flexible pricing plans. You can choose any premium plan that perfectly fits your requirements.

AI Tools

  • Text to Speech: Transform plain text into the natural voice of your favorite characters(Celebrity & Cartoon Characters).
FakeYou – AI Celebrity Voice Generator - FakeYou features - text-to-speech
  • Voice to Voice: Morph your voice into that of beloved characters using this versatile tool.
FakeYou – AI Celebrity Voice Generator - AI Tools - Voice to Voice
  • Voice Designer: Craft your own AI voice by providing audio files as a reference for the ultimate personalized experience.
FakeYou – AI Celebrity Voice Generator - AI Tools - Voice Designer
  • Face Animator: Create animated videos with synchronized lip movement using clear images and matching audio clips. This means making pictures look alive, as if they are speaking, by combining them with appropriately recorded voices.
FakeYou – AI Celebrity Voice Generator - AI Tools - Face Animator

Use cases for FakeYou: Versatile Applications

Entertainment and Content Creator

Create interesting audio clips featuring famous voices for a fun experience.


Integrate FakeYou seamlessly into your applications to open up a world of creative opportunities for developers. This integration allows developers to explore innovative possibilities effortlessly.


Craft distinctive promotional content using recognizable character voices for a unique marketing edge.

Pricing and Plans

FakeYou offers different premium plans for different needs. Check it out below:

  • Plus: $7/month
    • Processing Priority: Normal
    • Text to Speech: Unlimited generation, Up to 30 seconds of audio
    • Voice to Voice: Up to 4 minutes of audio
    • Wav2Lip: Up to 1-minute video
    • Future feature updates
  • Pro: $15/month
    • Processing Priority: Faster
    • Text to Speech: Unlimited generation, Up to 1-minute audio, Upload private models
    • Voice to Voice: Up to 5 minutes of audio, Upload private models Wav2Lip: Up to 2 minutes of video
    • Future feature updates
  • Elite: $25/month
    • Processing Priority: Fastest
    • Text to Speech: Unlimited generation, Up to 2 minutes of audio, Upload private models, Share private models
    • Voice to Voice: Unlimited audio, Upload private models, Share private models
    • Wav2Lip: Up to 2 minutes of video
    • Commercial Voices: FakeYou commercial voices
    • Future feature updates


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How is FakeYou different from other text-to-speech software?

FakeYou distinguishes itself among text-to-speech tools by utilizing deep fake technology, enabling users to replicate the voices of celebrities and cartoon characters. Moreover, it features a community, various AI tools, an API, and a dedicated developer’s page for efficient integration.

How to create an audio clip on FakeYou?

To create a FakeYou audio clip, first, you choose a voice from the library, then type your text, and let the application process that voice and turn the text into voice.

What is the “Community” in FakeYou?

The community feature on FakeYou lets users share their audio clips, make a leaderboard, and see the newest clips from other users.

Can I use FakeYou to create audio clips of celebrity or cartoon voices?

Yes, In simple terms, FakeYou has a library with 2979+ different voices. This means it can create audio clips imitating various celebrities and cartoon characters. However, the voices you can use depend on what voices are in FakeYou’s library at the time.

What is the function of API in FakeYou?

The FakeYou API is a program designed for developers. It lets them easily add the cool features of FakeYou, especially its ability to convert text into spoken words, to their projects or apps.


FakeYou can be your go-to text-to-speech program. With its advanced deep fake tech, a whopping 2979+ voices, and a lively community, it’s not just a tool; it’s a creative AI platform.

You pick a voice, input your text, and boom – realistic audio at your fingertips. Want a sneak peek? Sure, preview before you commit.

Developers, they’ve got your back. API and developer support make FakeYou integration easier than you think. Pricing? Flexible plans to fit your needs.

FakeYou isn’t just about voices; it’s about turning ideas into sound. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.