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Transcribe File is a free AI tool available on GitHub that creates subtitles for audio and video content. Users can choose options like automatic download links, language, and model selection for different accuracy levels. It supports file uploads up to 300 MB and one hour duration for free users, and 10 GB and 10 hours for paid users. There’s a maximum queue of zero, with four active jobs running. Paid users can move to the front of the queue.

The tool provides 111 languages, with auto-detection for efficiency, and offers nine models of varying size and accuracy. Larger models provide better accuracy but take longer. It also translates into different languages, catering to international audiences. Free usage is limited to files up to 300 MB and one hour, while paid features offer more flexibility.

FreeSubtitles AI – Creates Subtitles for Audio and Video - ai tools
FreeSubtitles AI
Free, Paid plans start from $0.99/hour
  • Different Options
  • Size and Duration
  • Language Options
  • Model Selection
FreeSubtitles AI – Creates Subtitles for Audio and Video - free transcription

About FreeSubtitles.AI

FreeSubtitles.AI is a visionary platform dedicated to transcending language barriers by providing free transcription services. FreeSubtitles AI aims to make transcription accessible to everyone, allowing content in any language to be transcribed into any other language. The main goal is to enable people to easily understand content regardless of language barriers. By providing free transcription services, the aim is to democratize access to accurate transcriptions. Leveraging open-source technology has significantly reduced transcription costs. As long as a portion of free users eventually opt for paid credits, the site can scale infinitely, with the ultimate vision of offering free transcription and translation services to the entire internet.

How FreeSubtitles Works

Curious about the wizardry behind FreeSubtitles.AI? Once you upload your file, the Whisper ASR module, powered by the large-v2 model, takes the reins of transcription. Following this, an open-source Facebook model gracefully translates the content. Your transcription is then available in formats like .srt, .vtt, and .txt. While free users enjoy 30 minutes of media retention, paid users savor permanent storage privileges.

FreeSubtitles AI – Creates Subtitles for Audio and Video - transcribe files - How FreeSubtitles Works

FreeSubtitles AI Features: Creates Subtitles for Audio and Video

Navigate the world of transcription with ease using FreeSubtitles AI’s array of features:

Different Options

Experience convenience with features such as automatic download link input, easy language, and model selection, and the ability to translate into different languages.

Size and Duration

Free users can upload files up to 300 MB and one hour, while paid users unlock the potential of 10 GB and 10 hours.

Language Options

Choose from 111 languages, with auto-detection for optimal efficiency.

Model Selection

Select from nine models, each offering a unique blend of size and accuracy.

FreeSubtitles AI for Your Needs: Use cases

For Video Producers

Craft compelling content with accurate subtitles to captivate your audience.

For Podcasters

Make your audio content universally accessible, broadening your listener base.

For Educators and Trainers

Enhance your teaching materials with transcripts and translations for a global audience.

FreeSubtitles AI Pricing: Affordable Access to Premium Transcription

For paid users, credits can be used to transcribe files up to 10GB or 10 hours, while there is a 300 MB and 1-hour limit for free users. The cost is $0.99 per hour, providing access to the most accurate AI model, which is less than 1/10th the price of other transcription services. This low price is designed to maximize access to high-quality transcription and translation services.

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Is using Transcribe File free of charge?

Yes, you can use Transcribe File for free as long as your files are up to 300 MB in size and have a duration of one hour or less.

What is a Transcribe File?

Transcribe File is an AI tool created to automatically generate subtitles for both video and audio content.

Can we create multiple transcribe file jobs at once?

Yes, you can have multiple transcription jobs running concurrently in the Transcribe File. The site promptly shows the current status of the queue.

What is the maximum file size that Transcribe File can handle?

Free users can transcribe files up to a maximum size of 300 MB in Transcribe File. However, for paid users, the maximum allowable file size increases to 10 GB.

What model options does Transcribe File offer?

Transcribe File offers nine models with different sizes and accuracy levels. Users can choose from options like ‘Tiny,’ ‘Base,’ ‘Small,’ ‘Medium,’ and ‘Large,’ each providing varying degrees of accuracy and requiring different amounts of processing time.


FreeSubtitles.AI stands as a beacon for content creators, offering an innovative approach to transcription and translation. With its user-friendly interface, diverse language options, and affordable pricing, it opens doors to a world where language barriers are effortlessly overcome. Embrace the power of FreeSubtitles.AI to make your content universally accessible, captivating audiences across the globe. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.