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Mindsmith is an advanced e-learning authoring tool that uses AI to make creating and sharing personalized eLearning content easier.

Mindsmith aims to make profound human learning a core aspect of any organization. It is optimized for mobile devices and promotes collaboration, making it suitable for teams of any size.

You can direct the AI and provide additional context through documents at each stage of lesson creation.

The content can be shared through a dynamic SCORM package, ensuring comprehensive language support, automatic updates in the learning management system, fast upload times (taking seconds instead of hours), and detailed analytics. Additionally, lessons can be shared through various means such as links, QR codes, SMS, email, or embed codes.

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Free Trial, Paid plans start at $29/month
  • Intuitive Authoring Tool
  • Flexible Sharing Options
  • Wide application
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What is MindSmith?

MindSmith serves as an AI-powered microlearning platform, facilitating the creation and distribution of course materials and training modules. This eLearning authoring tool uses generative AI to streamline the course creation process easily and quickly, empowering educators and instructional designers to curate engaging and impactful learning experiences.

How does Mindsmith’s AI assistant work?

The AI assistant in MindSmith uses advanced technology like Generative AI, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning to help with course material creation. Here’s how it works:

  • NLP: It’s trained on a lot of educational content to understand text structure, grammar, and context.
  • Machine Learning: The AI uses different machine learning methods to analyze text patterns and create relevant content.
  • Context Awareness: It understands the context of creating course material, considering things like subject, audience, and learning goals.
  • Overcoming Writer’s Block: If users get stuck, the AI suggests ideas and generates content based on their input.
  • Question Creation: It can make questions that improve understanding, from simple recall to more complex thinking tasks.
  • Learning and Improving: With user feedback, the AI gets better over time, adjusting to different styles and preferences.

While the exact workings are kept private, MindSmith’s goal is to help educators make engaging courses using Generative AI and NLP tech.

Mindsmith Key Features

Mindsmith, an AI-powered microlearning platform, offers several key features and advantages:

Intuitive Authoring Tool

With Mindsmith’s intuitive authoring tool, users can effortlessly create engaging microlessons. The AI assistant is on hand to help eliminate writer’s block, ensuring that content creation is smooth and efficient.

Flexible Sharing Options

Mindsmith provides flexible sharing options, allowing users to distribute their content via link, SMS, or email. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with existing learning systems, providing a cohesive learning experience.

Wide application

Mindsmith is versatile, fitting many educational needs. It works for things like training new employees, reviewing courses, delivering safety training, meeting compliance standards, or assigning homework, Mindsmith adapts to various scenarios effectively.

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Use cases for Mindsmith

MindSmith accommodates a multitude of educational needs, serving as a versatile tool for organizations, educators, and students:

Organizational Optimization

Streamlining instructional processes and training initiatives for enhanced efficiency.

Educator Empowerment

Empower educators to create engaging and comprehensive course materials that captivate learners.

Student-Centric Learning

Offering a mobile-friendly self-assessment tool to strengthen understanding and foster engagement among students.


MindSmith makes accessibility a priority with its simple pricing, offering a free 30-day trial that adjusts smoothly to fit any organization. It offers plans for all sizes, with discounts for educators and non-profits, ensuring everyone can access advanced eLearning tools.

  • Free: $0
  • Professional: $29/month, For individual eLearning developers.
  • Team: Custom, Improve efficiency for learning teams.


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How does MindSmith’s generative AI work?

MindSmith’s generative AI helps create high-quality learning material. It creates full lessons, adds relevant questions, and improves content clarity. However, it doesn’t explain the technical details of how generative AI functions.

How about lessons created by MindSmith’s AI Lesson Assistant?

MindSmith’s AI lesson assistant creates top-quality and easy-to-understand lessons. It creates entire lessons and includes customized questions that complement the lesson content, improving the learning process.

How do I share course materials created in MindSmith?

You can easily share your MindSmith course materials through links, SMS, or email. This makes it easy for learners to access your content.

Does MindSmith work on mobile devices?

Yes, MindSmith also works on mobile devices. It’s made to fit any screen size, so students can easily access and interact with course material on their chosen device.

How do I create and publish courses on MindSmith?

With MindSmith, you can create and publish courses instantly. The AI assistant walks you through, making it quick and easy.


MindSmith brings a next-gen approach to eLearning, using advanced Generative AI technology. Its easy-to-use interface and flexible features help educators and organizations make compelling learning experiences. Whether you’re a teacher improving lessons or a company simplifying training, MindSmith has what you need. It works smoothly with current systems and has clear pricing for everyone.

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