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Outplay is an all-in-one multi-channel sales engagement platform. This platform is designed to help sales teams close more deals and increase revenue. It provides sales automation tools and features that simplify the sales process and increase efficiency. Outplay’s platform(tools) aims to help businesses improve their sales strategy and improve their bottom line.

You can find more information about “OutplayHQ” at their website “outplayhq.com”. And you can potentially connect with the company or explore their updates and insights

Laxman Papineni serves as the co-founder and CEO of Outplay. His role involves leadership and strategic direction for the company.

Outplay – Best Sales Engagement Platform - about
Free trial and paid plans start from $39/mo
  • Chrome extension
  • Sync with inbound forms
  • Email Library
  • AI email writer
  • Personalized emails
  • Multi-channel outreach
  • Magic Chat
  • Real-time tracking
  • Reporting
  • Seamless integrations
Outplay – Best Sales Engagement Platform - Outplay Features

Outplay Features

Outplay represents a comprehensive sales engagement solution, encompassing an extensive array of functionalities designed to facilitate the optimization of sales teams’ outreach initiatives and enhance their prospecting and sales workflows. Below are the primary features inherent to Outplay.

One-click prospecting with Chrome extension

Easily download Outplay Connect and then import detailed contact records from LinkedIn and Gmail with a single click, and initiate automated sequences for prospecting.

Outplay – Best Sales Engagement Platform - Outplay Features - One-click prospecting with Chrome extension

Sync with inbound forms

Connect your CRM (e.g., HubSpot or Pipedrive) to automatically add leads who submit forms to relevant Outplay sequences.

Import scrubbed lists and warm-up prospects

Import lists of prospects via CSV and add them to sequences to nurture and convert them.

Email Library

Access a library of effective sales emails shared by sales leaders from well-known companies, which you can customize and use for your outreach.

AI email writer

Leverage AI to draft emails that combine sales email best practices and prospect-specific information. Edit or retry as needed.

Outplay – Best Sales Engagement Platform - Outplay Features - AI email writer

Personalized emails

Send custom emails directly from Outplay, which are recorded as activities and included in reports.

Multi-channel outreach

Create multi-touch campaigns using email, phone, SMS, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and automate the outreach process.

Dynamic Sequences

Move leads between sequences based on their interactions (opens, clicks, replies), ensuring they receive relevant and personalized messages.

Magic Chat

Initiate targeted conversations with prospects who visit your website from your outreach attempts, increasing the chances of demos or sales.

Outplay – Best Sales Engagement Platform - Outplay Features - Magic Chat

Manual outreach

Make manual outreach efforts from within Outplay, and have all sales activities logged and reflected in reports.

Task management

Create, view, assign, edit, delete, skip, run, snooze, and complete tasks for efficient prospect management.

Real-time tracking

Receive notifications for opens, clicks, and replies in real-time, and gain insights into which messages prospects are interacting with.


  1. Performance overview: Get a quick overview of individual and team performance, including touches, meetings booked, prospects contacted, and more.
  2. Sequence performance: Analyze the performance of each sequence, including enrollment, meetings booked, opens, clicks, replies, and deliveries.
  3. Leaderboard: Encourage healthy competition with a built-in leaderboard that highlights top-performing reps and sequences.
  4. Performance optimization: Use insights to improve individual and team performance, identify top reps, and fine-tune sequences.

Seamless integrations

Outplay seamlessly integrates with a variety of essential tools for growing sales teams, including Gong, Office 365, Outlook, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Slack, Zapier, HubSpot, and Zoho.

These features make Outplay a versatile platform for sales teams, offering automation, customization, and insights to help them engage with prospects effectively and drive sales.

Products of Outplay

Here is a list of products available on outplay.com:

  1. Multichannel Outreach
  2. Chrome Extension
  3. Sequence Generator
  4. Email Signature Generator
  5. Dialer
  6. Integrations
  7. Meeting Scheduler

Various Use Cases for Outplay

Outplay offers a versatile set of solutions that can benefit various aspects of sales and outreach. Here are various use cases for Outplay’s offerings:

Cold Email Outreach

Use Outplay’s cold email software to streamline your prospecting efforts and send personalized cold emails to potential leads.

Email Automation

Automate your email outreach campaigns with Outplay’s email automation software. Ensure that your messages are sent at the right time with personalized content, improving your efficiency.

Sales Automation

Empower your sales team with Outplay’s sales automation software. Engage with prospects, automate repetitive tasks, and improve your chances of meeting and exceeding sales quotas.

Outbound Sales

Leverage Outplay’s outbound sales software, which combines automation, engagement tools, and insights to help your sales team close more deals effectively.

Email Prospecting

Accelerate your lead conversion process with Outplay’s email prospecting software. Convert leads into customers more efficiently with targeted email outreach.

Cold Calling

Boost productivity and revenue with Outplay’s cold calling software. Access real-time call insights, local numbers, click-to-call functionality, call coaching, and automation to enhance your cold calling efforts.

Sales Calling

Streamline outbound sales calls with Outplay’s sales calling software. Utilize advanced automation to spend more time selling and less time dialing numbers.

Sales Cadence

Implement automated B2B sales cadences using Outplay’s sales cadence software. Nurture leads effectively and convert them into paying customers while boosting your sales pipeline.

Email Sequences

Automate your sales processes and save time generating leads and revenue with Outplay’s email sequence software. Create and manage email sequences to engage prospects effectively.

Sales Engagement Platform

Choose Outplay as your No. 1 sales engagement platform to centralize and optimize your sales and outreach efforts. Benefit from a comprehensive set of tools to enhance your team’s performance.

Outplayhq Pricing

To learn about Outplay’s pricing and plans, please visit their official website at Outplay Pricing. Additionally, you can find detailed pricing and plan information in their Help Center at Pricing & Plans – Help Center – Outplay. The platform provides comprehensive details about Outplay’s pricing options, including any free trial offers or other promotions available.

Outplayhq Alternative

  • ReachOut.AI
  • Outboundly
  • Persana.ai


What is Outplay?

Outplay is a comprehensive multi-channel sales engagement platform engineered to support sales teams in closing a higher number of deals and boosting revenue. It provides sales automation tools and features to simplify the sales process and improve efficiency.

Where can I find more information about Outplay?

You can find more information about Outplay on their website outplayhq.com.

Who is the CEO of Outplay?

Laxman Papineni is Co-Founder and CEO at Outplay, where he assumes the role of providing leadership and strategic direction to the company.

What are the key features of Outplay?

Outplay offers a range of features, including one-click prospecting, syncing with inbound forms, email library, AI email writer, personalized emails, multi-channel outreach, dynamic sequences, Magic Chat, manual outreach, task management, real-time tracking, and comprehensive reporting.

Can Outplay integrate with other tools?

Yes, Outplay seamlessly integrates with various essential tools for growing sales teams, including Gong, Office 365, Outlook, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Slack, Zapier, HubSpot, and Zoho.


Outplay is a robust sales engagement platform for sales teams. It comes with lots of tools and helpful features to streamline their outreach efforts and boost sales performance. You can find new potential customers with just one click, use AI to write better emails, and talk to customers in different ways. Outplay thus enables businesses to improve their sales strategy and drive revenue growth.

Outplay also works well with other popular CRM and productivity tools that help salespeople. This makes it easier for salespeople to do their job. Whether you want to automate your prospecting, personalize outreach, or gain real-time insight into your team’s performance, Outplay can do it all. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.