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PicSo is one of the best AI Art Generator apps and online platforms where you can make digital art in different styles. It gives you a free trial to turn your ideas into NFT art, oil paintings, and more. Use the Text to AI Art Maker to create impressive artwork from your words. Check out the Community Showcase to see art from other users. Resize your images to any ratio and let AI fill in the gaps, expanding your image creatively. PicSo works on both mobile and PC, and there are apps for iOS and Android. Let’s dive into the details of this revolutionary artistic tool.

PicSo - Best AI Art Generator App - about
Free Trial, Paid plans start at $19.99/month
  • Text to AI Art and AI Portrait Maker
  • Image Resizing
  • Community Showcase
  • Cross-Platform Accessibility
  • Security at the Core
PicSo - Best AI Art Generator App - digital artists - ai portrait maker

What is PicSo?

PicSo is both an app and an online platform that uses AI to generate art. It lets you make digital art in various styles, such as NFT art and oil paintings. With its Text to AI Art Maker, you can turn written text into impressive digital artwork. PicSo is available on both mobile and PC platforms for easy access.

How does Text to AI Art and AI Portrait Maker work?

The Text to AI Art and AI Portrait Maker on PicSo operates by taking user inputs, such as words or phrases, and transforming them into amazing digital artwork. The AI uses the provided text to create an image according to the description.

PicSo features: Best AI Art Generator App

PicSo emerges as more than just an AI Art Generator; it’s a versatile online platform catering to diverse artistic needs. Some of the key features:

Text to AI Art and AI Portrait Maker

Turn your words into wonderful digital art with the Text to AI Art Maker. This feature uses AI to create visually stunning and high-quality artwork.

PicSo - Best AI Art Generator App - PicSo features - digital oil painting - nft collectors

Customization with Image Resizing

Alter your images seamlessly with PicSo. Resize to any ratio, and watch as AI fills the gaps, extending your visuals beyond imagination.

PicSo - Best AI Art Generator App - Text to AI Art and AI Portrait Maker - Image resize

Community Showcase: A Collective Tapestry

Get inspired by exploring a multitude of artworks within the Community Showcase. Witness the creativity of fellow users and fuel your artistic journey.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

PicSo transcends device boundaries. Whether on the go or stationed on your PC, PicSo is accessible across iOS and Android devices. Seamlessly share your creations across platforms for a truly integrated experience.

Security at the Core

Enjoy peace of mind as you explore your artistic side. PicSo safeguards your data through a comprehensive Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and a dedicated Community Contact Us page for any queries.

Use cases for PicSo

Discover how PicSo caters to a diverse range of creative needs:

For Art Enthusiasts

Turn your ideas into tangible art forms, exploring realms like NFT art, oil paintings, and beyond.

Digital Artists

Digital artists find a wellspring of inspiration within the Community Showcase. Immerse yourself in the Community Showcase, finding inspiration and connecting with like-minded digital artists.

NFT Collectors

NFT collectors can generate unique artwork to enrich their collections. PicSo becomes a tool for bringing exclusive, digital masterpieces into the NFT space.


PicSo offers a variety of pricing options, including free trials and pro plans, ensuring flexibility for both new and experienced artists.

  • Free Trial
  • Pro: $19.99/mon
    • 100 credits per month
    • Pro styles
    • Priority queue
    • Unlock multitask


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Is PicSo available on mobile devices?

Yes, PicSo is available on both iOS and Android devices. Download the mobile app for a seamless creative experience.

Is PicSo free?

While PicSo offers a free trial, it also provides Pro plans for those seeking expanded creative horizons.

Can PicSo create digital oil paintings?

Yes, you can make digital oil paintings on PicSo. The platform supports various art styles, including oil painting, and to create one, users simply input text descriptions into the Text to AI Art and AI Portrait feature.

Can I view other users’ artwork on PicSo?

Yes, you can view other users’ artwork on PicSo by checking out the Community Showcase section. This is where a diverse collection of artworks from different platform users is showcased.

What is the PicSo Community Showcase?

The Community Showcase is a section displaying diverse artworks created by PicSo users, fostering a sense of community and inspiration.


PicSo is not just an AI-powered media app; it’s a gateway to boundless creativity. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a digital artist, or an NFT collector, PicSo offers a unique canvas for your imagination. With features like the Text to AI Art Maker and cross-platform accessibility, it redefines the way we approach digital art.

Take advantage of the free trial, explore the Community Showcase for inspiration, and let PicSo be your companion in the journey of artistic expression. The security measures, clear policies, and easy accessibility make it a trustworthy platform.

So, transform your ideas into NFT art or oil paintings, share your creations across devices, and witness the magic of AI at your fingertips. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.