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If you’ve been searching for a way to infuse life into your creative projects through realistic animation, look no further than Plask COMIX. Plask represents an AI-powered motion capture animation tool that has significantly changed the landscape for motion designers, content creators, and animation enthusiasts. This state-of-the-art software uses advanced AI to precisely configure poses and camera angles, as a result, users can effortlessly create impressive cartoon scenes. Whether you have extensive animation experience or are a beginner, this AI cartoon generator tool is dedicated to enriching your creative journey.

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Freemium, paid plans start at $50/mo
  • Creating with Ease
  • Supported Formats
  • Seamless Integration
Plask – AI Cartoon Generator Tool - What is Plask COMIX

What is Plask COMIX

Plask, a browser-based motion capture and animation tool, brings AI-powered animation within reach for everyone. Plask is made for motion designers, content creators, and educators and it has lots of cool features that redefine how animations work. Whether you’re really good or just starting, Plask is easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interface and lots of helpful info to learn from.

Features of Plask COMIX: AI Cartoon Generator Tool

Plask COMIX is not just an ordinary animation tool; it’s an AI-powered motion capture animation tool designed to facilitate realistic animation effortlessly. Suitable for motion designers and content creators of all skill levels, Plask COMIX offers an array of features that set it apart:

Plask – AI Cartoon Generator Tool - Features of Plask COMIX

Creating with Ease:

The cornerstone of Plask COMIX lies in its ease of use. Dive into motion capture and animation without the need for costly equipment or extensive technical know-how.

Supported Formats:

Plask COMIX effortlessly handles professional formats like GLB, FBX, BVH, and more, ensuring compatibility with your preferred workflow.

Seamless Integration:

Experience a seamless workflow by integrating Plask COMIX with other tools, promoting collaboration and efficiency.

Various Use Cases of Plask COMIX

Plask COMIX serves a diverse range of users, each finding unique value in its capabilities:

Motion Designers:

Elevate your animations with a user-friendly animation tool that enhances your creative output.

Content Creators:

Infuse your work with professional-grade animations, adding a layer of sophistication to your creations.

Educators and Learners:

Whether you’re an educator imparting knowledge or a student seeking to learn, Plask COMIX offers educational discounts and serves as an ideal tool to explore animation with AI-powered guidance.

Getting Started with Plask COMIX: Creating Cartoon Made Effortless

Whether you’re a motion design enthusiast, a content creator, or an educator, Plask COMIX has something to offer. So let’s see how you can start creating cartoons with this powerful tool.

Start with an Existing Shot

Plask – AI Cartoon Generator Tool - Getting Started with Plask COMIX - Creating Cartoon Made Effortless - Start with an Existing Shot

Browse a Community:

If you’re looking for inspiration or struggling with poses and camera angles, the Plask COMIX community is your go-to destination. You can explore a huge list of images and parameters shared by fellow creators. You can easily find what you are looking for by using keywords or browsing through categories.


You can visualize an image that captures your imagination. Click the “Remix” button associated with that post, and watch the magic. Plask COMIX will apply the selected pose, camera angle, and parameters to your workspace, enabling you to work with the content while adding your personal touch.

Render with Your Style:

If you have a specific image in mind, modify the prompt to align with your vision. After that, press the render button and view your creation. Now you can choose your favorite image from the generated options, save it and share it with the community.

Start with a New Shot

Prepare a 3D Pose:

Plask COMIX’s AI-powered pose recognition feature brings your 3D models to life. Import high-quality images showcasing the desired poses, initiate the pose estimation process, and let the AI algorithm work its magic. Fine-tune the applied poses using the provided editing tools.

Set Up a Camera Angle:

Navigating reference poses and specifying shooting angles has never been easier. Utilize the mouse and shortcut keys to tumble, pan, and zoom the camera, providing you with full control over your visual narrative.

Configure a Prompt:

The style you choose sets the tone for the generated image. Plask COMIX automatically assigns example prompts, reference weights, and parameters. Creating a prompt is important because it will guide the image creation process. Consult the prompt guide for breathtaking results.

Render Images:

Once your pose, camera angle, and prompt are set, it’s time to bring your creation to life. Click the Render button to initiate the image generation process. After a brief wait, you’ll have four images to choose from. Keep in mind that generating these images consumes one “Render” from your quota.

Insert Bubble:

To add an extra layer of storytelling, switch to Bubble mode and insert bubbles with messages. Click on the Bubble icon, choose properties, and position the bubble as desired. Then enter your desired message.

Add Cut:

If your creative journey continues with the next scene, use the “Add next” option or the Cut panel to create a new cut. Follow the same steps to ensure consistency across your animation.

Save and Publish:

Once satisfied with your creation, save the image file locally or publish it as a post. This enables you to share your masterpiece alongside the Pose, Camera Angle, Prompt, and Parameters used during the creation process.

Plask Pricing

Plask offers different pricing options to suit different user needs:

  1. Freemium Plan:
    • Price: Free
    • Features:
      • Indefinite usage for newcomers
      • Extract motion up to 30 seconds (900 credits) daily
      • 900 credits included to start easily
      • 1 GB storage for assets
      • Single-person motion capture
      • Foot lock feature
      • Import motion data from FBX, GLB, and JSON file types, as well as video from MP4, MOV, and WEBM file types
      • Export motion data in FBX, GLB, and BVH formats
  2. MoCap Pro Plan:
    • Price: $50/month billed annually or $140/month-to-month
    • Features:
      • Everything in the Free plan, plus:
      • Unlimited extract motion
      • Faster extract motion for up to 60 minutes (108,000 credits) monthly
      • 5 GB storage for assets
      • Multi-person motion capture
  3. API for Enterprise Plan:
    • Price: Pay-as-you-go billing monthly
    • Features:
      • Single-person motion capture
      • Rest API Access
      • Multi-person motion capture
      • Foot lock feature
      • Input formats: MP4, MOV, and WEBM
      • Output formats: 3D motion data (JSON)

The above information outlines the pricing details and features of Plask’s AI motion capture and 3D animation tools for various user segments. For more details and to explore the plans in more depth, you can visit the official pricing page at

Plask Alternative

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  • Movmi
  • Elai io
  • Rokoko Video


Can I use Plask COMIX for educational purposes?

Yes. Plask COMIX is not only for professionals but also caters to students and teachers interested in learning and teaching animation with the aid of AI-powered tools.

Is Plask COMIX suitable for beginners in animation?

Yes, Plask COMIX’s user-friendly interface and resources make it an ideal choice for new animators looking to enhance their work with professional-quality animations.

Can I collaborate with others using Plask COMIX?

Yes, Plask COMIX seamlessly integrates with other tools, allowing for smooth collaboration and workflow.

What sets Plask COMIX apart from other animation tools?

Plask COMIX’s unique blend of AI-powered motion capture, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive resources sets it apart as a groundbreaking animation solution.


Plask COMIX is your all-in-one solution for motion capture and animation. From capture to integration, animation expertise is within your reach. If you’re a motion designer, content creator, or animation enthusiast, you can easily unlock your creative potential using Plask’s various features, AI tools, and comprehensive documentation. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.