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Podcastle is a platform powered by artificial intelligence, helping both seasoned and novice podcasters create, edit, and share high-quality audio and video content. Users benefit from a range of features, including recording and editing tools, support for remote interviews with up to 10 participants, and AI-driven enhancements. These AI podcast generator & editing tools cover multi-track recording, audio transcription, user-friendly editing, text-to-speech, Magic Dust, Revoice, and Silence Removal.

Furthermore, the platform offers a suite of AI-powered features for tasks like removing background noise, detecting filler words, converting audio to text, podcast recording, MP3 to text conversion and format transformations. Users can also access Podcastle on iOS and Android devices for convenient on-the-go recording.

Podcastle - AI Podcast Generator & AI Editing Tools - about
Free, Paid plans start from $3/mo
  • All-in-One Platform
  • AI-Powered Tools
  • Remote Interviews
  • Mobile Apps
Podcastle - AI Podcast Generator & AI Editing Tools - What is Podcastle

What is Podcastle?

Podcastle, an AI-based platform, supports both professional and amateur podcasters in producing, editing, and sharing top-quality podcasts. It includes various audio and video editing tools, remote interview capabilities, and mobile applications for both iOS and Android.

Utilizing the power of AI: AI Podcast Generator

Podcastle - AI Podcast Generator & AI Editing Tools - Utilizing the power of AI - AI Editing Tools

Podcastle leverages AI technology in several key ways. AI is seamlessly integrated into the platform to enhance the podcasting experience, from creating polished audio to improving video quality. Here’s how Podcastle harnesses the power of AI:

  1. AI-powered Editing

Background Noise Removal: Banish unwanted background noises and ensure your podcasts are crystal clear.
Filler Word Detection: AI helps identify and remove filler words, ensuring a smooth listening experience.
Text-to-Speech and Audio-to-Text Conversion: Transform text into lifelike audio or transcribe audio into text with AI precision.
Magic Dust for Audio Enhancement: Elevate your audio quality with this AI-driven tool, which fine-tunes your recordings to sound professional.

  1. Revoice: Your AI Voice Companion

One of Podcastle’s most innovative AI applications is the Revoice feature. This remarkable tool allows you to create a digital replica of your voice by simply typing text. With Revoice, the possibilities are endless, as it empowers you to generate audio content effortlessly.

Podcastle Features

Podcastle - AI Podcast Generator & AI Editing Tools - Podcastle Features

Podcastle offers a comprehensive array of features, ensuring you have everything you need to produce exceptional podcasts:

All-in-One Platform

Record, Edit, and Export: Podcastle’s web-based platform allows you to seamlessly record, edit, and export audio and video, all in one place.

AI-Powered Tools

  • Background Noise Removal: Ensure pristine audio quality with AI-driven background noise removal.
  • Filler Word Detection: Enhance the flow of your podcast by eliminating filler words.
  • Audio to Text Conversion: Automatically transcribe your podcast for text-based content.

Remote Interviews

Connect with up to 10 Participants: Conduct remote interviews with ease, fostering engaging conversations with multiple participants.

Mobile Apps

Enjoy the convenience of iOS and Android apps for recording on the go.

Use cases for Podcastle

Podcastle caters to a diverse range of podcast creators, making it the go-to platform for anyone looking to share their stories or expertise:

Amateur Podcasters

Aspiring podcasters will find Podcastle incredibly user-friendly, making it a breeze to create and share content with ease.

Professional Podcasters

For professional podcasters, Podcastle streamlines the production process, offering advanced tools for a seamless and efficient workflow.

Storytellers and Interviewers

Storytellers and interviewers can connect with their audience through high-quality podcasts, enriching their narratives with the power of Podcastle.

Podcastle Tools: AI Editing Tools

Podcastle empowers you with a robust suite of tools to elevate your audio and video content:

AI Tools

  • Magic Dust AI: Enhance your audio quality effortlessly.
  • Audio to Text: Transcribe your podcasts with precision.
  • AI Text to Speech: Convert text into lifelike audio.
  • AI Voice Cloning: Revoice your content with an AI-generated voice.
  • Background Noise Removal: Eliminate unwanted audio distractions.
  • Filler Word Detection: Ensure a smooth listening experience.
  • AI Silence Removal: Trim silences for a more engaging podcast.


  • Audio to Text: Convert spoken words into written content.
  • Voice to Text: Transform voice recordings into text.
  • MP3 to Text: Swiftly transcribe your MP3 files.
  • Audio Translator: Bridge language barriers with ease.
  • Podcast Transcriptions: Expand your podcast’s reach with written content.
  • Filler Word Detection: Enhance your podcast’s flow.

Audio Tools

  • Podcast Recording: Create exceptional podcasts with ease.
  • Audiobook Recording Studio: Craft audiobooks with professional quality.
  • MP3 Audio Cutter: Edit audio effortlessly.
  • Podcast Studio: An all-in-one platform for podcast creation.
  • Podcast Maker: Streamline your podcast production process.
  • Remote Interview Recording: Connect with guests no matter where they are.
  • Voice Over Recording: Record voiceovers with ease.
  • Voice Over Studio: Create professional voiceovers.
  • Voice Recorder: Capture audio with Podcastle’s user-friendly tools.
  • AI Voice Generator: Revoice your content for added impact.
  • Text to Audio: Bring text to life with AI-generated voices.
  • Remove Background Noise: Ensure pristine audio quality.
  • Auto-leveling: Maintain consistent audio quality.
  • AI Noise Reducer: Reduce unwanted noise for a clearer listening experience.
  • Online Audio Converter: Convert audio for various applications.

Video Tools

  • Video Splitter: Edit your videos with precision.
  • Video Trimmer: Refine your video content effortlessly.
  • Crop Video: Customize your videos to perfection.
  • Resize Video: Adjust your videos to meet your needs.
  • Video Podcast: Create engaging video podcasts.
  • Online Video Recorder: Record videos online with ease.
  • Video Recording Software: Capture high-quality videos.
  • Video Maker: Craft compelling videos.
  • Add Text to Video: Enhance your video content with text.

Podcastle Products

Podcastle offers a diverse range of AI-powered audio and video software solutions:

Recording Studio: Remote Audio & Video Recording. Record high-quality audio and video remotely.
Audio Editor: Intuitive Audio Workstation. Simplify audio editing with AI assistance.
Video Editor: Customize Your Videos. Edit your videos to match your brand and vision.
Revoice: Create an AI Clone of Your Voice. Use Revoice to generate audio content by typing text.

Podcastle Pricing

Podcastle offers different pricing plans to meet different needs, including a free plan.

  • Basic: Free (limit 1 creator), Get started creating
    • Multi-track recording for 10 remote guests
    • Unlimited audio recording & editing
    • 3 hours of video recording [lifetime]
    • Unlimited podcast hosting & publishing
    • Collaborate with your whole team
  • Storyteller: $3 /mo per creator, Studio production & AI editing. Everything in Basic, plus:
    • Intuitive AI audio editing
    • 8 hours of video recording
    • Lossless quality audio & video downloads
    • Royalty-free music library
    • 10 hours of Transcription
    • 8 hours of Text-to-Speech with AI Voices
  • Pro: $8 /mo per creator, Complete studio with generative AI. Everything in Storyteller, plus:
    • Revoice: an AI clone of your voice
    • Filler Word detection & removal
    • 20 hours of video recording
    • 25 hours of AI-powered transcription
    • 20 hours of Text-to-Speech with AI Voices
    • AI-generated episode summaries
    • Priority customer support
  • Business: Custom, Plans for large organizations. Everything in Pro, plus:
    • Unlimited video recording
    • Custom Transcription and Text-to-Speech plans
    • Unlimited cloud storage
    • Dedicated account manager

Podcastle Alternative

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What editing tools are available in Podcastle?

Podcastle provides a diverse set of editing tools for podcasters. You can enjoy multi-track recording, audio transcription, user-friendly text-to-speech, Magic Dust for audio improvement, Revoice, and Silence Removal, just to name a few. Moreover, it boasts AI-powered features like background noise removal, filler word detection, audio-to-text conversion, format conversion, and more.

Are there mobile apps for on-the-go recording in Podcastle?

Yes, Podcastle provides mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms. These apps make it convenient for users to record podcasts on the move, ensuring that you can capture ideas and interviews wherever you are.

What’s the process for converting audio to text with Podcastle?

In Podcastle, you can convert audio to text using the audio transcription feature. This tool quickly transforms spoken words from live speech or audio files into written text, making the task more efficient and saving you time.

Could you explain the Magic Dust feature in Podcastle?

The Magic Dust feature in Podcastle is an impressive tool that improves the sound quality of your recordings. It uses AI technology to isolate your voice, remove background noise, and apply automatic equalization and compression, making your audio sound professionally processed.

How does the Revoice feature operate in Podcastle?

Podcastle’s Revoice feature creates a digital replica of your voice using advanced AI models. This innovative technology simplifies content creation by allowing users to generate audio content simply by typing text.


Podcastle is a fantastic tool for both newcomers and experienced podcasters. It’s user-friendly and packed with AI-powered features, making high-quality audio and video content creation accessible to all. Whether you’re a professional streamlining your process or a beginner, Podcastle has you covered.

Using AI, ensures studio-quality content, noise reduction, filler word removal, and easy audio-to-text conversion. The Revoice feature adds innovation by converting text to audio, expanding your content possibilities.

Whether you’re using the free plan or exploring paid options, Podcastle equips you with the right tools to create engaging stories and interviews. With mobile apps for recording on-the-go and collaborative features, it’s versatile for content creators.

So, if you want to share your stories, connect with your audience, or level up your podcasting, Podcastle is the ideal platform for your journey. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.