Integrate Ready Player Me Avatar Creator into Apps and Games

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The metaverse is changing, and so is how we represent ourselves in these virtual worlds. Ready Player Me is a platform for the metaverse that lets users create and customize 3D avatars from a selfie. There are over 300 customization options, and you can even import NFTs to make a unique avatar that reflects your identity.

These avatars can be used in more than 7000 supported apps and games. For developers, Ready Player Me Avatar Creator offers a special integration platform with Unity and Unreal Engine SDKs, making it easy to add the avatar platform to their apps and games in less than a day. Additionally, the platform provides various AI-generated avatar outfits to enhance users’ creativity.

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Integrate Ready Player Me Avatar Creator into Apps and Games - What is Ready Player Me

What is Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me, a versatile cross-game avatar platform for the metaverse, empowers users to create and personalize full-body 3D avatars from a simple selfie.

The platform is an avatar system designed for integration into games, applications, and VR/AR experiences, with compatibility for Unity, Unreal Engine, React, native mobile solutions, and nearly any stack that supports REST and PostMessage.

The integration is remarkably straightforward, with the ability to select from a multitude of customization options to create avatars that perfectly embody your unique identity. These avatars are delivered as fully rigged, skinned, and ready-to-animate 3D models for effortless integration into your development environment. You can choose to use SDKs (Unity, Unreal, React) or work directly with APIs and the iFrame Avatar Creator integration.

Ready Player Me Features

Integrate Ready Player Me Avatar Creator into Apps and Games - Ready Player Me Features

Ready Player Me is a metaverse cross-game avatar platform that empowers users to craft customized 3D avatars. Key features and advantages:


The platform offers more than 300 options and lets you import NFTs for customization to create unique avatars.

Developer Integration

Ready Player Me provides Unity and Unreal Engine SDKs for hassle-free integration into your applications and games.

Wide Compatibility

These avatars seamlessly integrate into over 7,000 supported apps and games, ensuring their versatility across various virtual domains.

AI-Generated Outfits

Enhance your creative spirit with a wide range of AI-generated avatar outfits, allowing you to express yourself uniquely.

Ready Player Me Components

Ready Player Me Avatars

At the heart of Ready Player Me are avatars that you can craft from your likeness, a selfie, or preset templates. Choose from full-body or half-body avatars, all securely stored as GLB files on Ready Player Me servers. GLB is a standardized file format that includes 3D model data, materials, and skeleton information. Each avatar possesses a unique URL to its GLB file, which can be downloaded by anyone with access to the URL. Additionally, you can request a 2D-rendered PNG image of your avatar for profile pictures and stickers, fully customizable to your liking.

Avatar Creator

Multiple options are available for avatar creation, and each method utilizes the same Assets and Avatar Endpoints of the REST API. As a registered developer, you’ll receive your personal Avatar-Creator URL for seamless integration into your game or app. Developers can also use the SDK to create their own customized Avatar Creator in Unity or Unreal Engine, or programmatically create avatars using the Avatar Endpoints of the REST API. Registered players can manage their avatars through the Ready Player Me Hub.

Ready Player Me API

The Ready Player Me API is a RESTful service that enables you to create, edit, and retrieve avatars, assets, and user accounts.


Ready Player Me offers SDKs for Unity and Unreal Engine, alongside various examples and packages for web and native mobile development, simplifying the integration of the Avatar Creator and loading avatars into your applications and games.

Ready Player Me Studio

The Ready Player Me Studio serves as a developer workspace to streamline integration and management. It provides you with your own Avatar Creator URL, allowing you to modify the appearance and specifications, upload custom outfits and assets, create an API Key for full REST Avatar API access, and offer the assistance of the Ready Player Me Copilot to guide you through the integration process.

Custom Outfits

Integrating with Ready Player Me gives your players access to a broad range of avatar customization assets. You can improve these default assets by including your unique branded outfits, providing both free and exclusive choices for specific players. Managing custom outfits can be done through Studio or the Assets REST API.

Use Cases for Ready Player Me

The platform serves a diverse range of users:


Developers seeking to integrate a customizable avatar platform into their projects will find Ready Player Me to be a valuable resource.


For gamers looking to create personalized avatars for use in multiple games and applications, Ready Player Me offers an ideal solution.

Metaverse Enthusiasts

Metaverse enthusiasts who wish to express their identity through unique avatars will discover a perfect companion in Ready Player Me.

Ready Player Me Pricing

Ready Player Me is free for developers to use for non-commercial purposes. Registered partners can also use it for commercial purposes without charge.

To use Ready Player Me avatars in a commercial app or game, sign up as a developer, and then you can use the avatars for free in your product.

Avatars made with the Ready Player Me Avatar Creator are covered by the Creative Commons 4.0 license, permitting non-commercial use. You can utilize them to create demos, enhance coursework, or simply experiment for fun.

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What happens to my selfie when I use Ready Player Me?

Ready Player Me takes your selfie and uses it as the starting point to craft a unique 3D avatar. This avatar can be further customized to align with your preferences, including physical attributes and styling choices. This process enables you to create a personalized VRChat avatar using a selfie.

Is it possible to import my NFTs into Ready Player Me?

Yes, Ready Player Me allows users to import their NFTs, enhancing avatar personalization, although this feature is slated for future development.

What is the Avatar API?

The Avatar API, created by Ready Player Me, is a software interface. It makes it simple for developers to incorporate avatars into their applications and games by facilitating communication between Ready Player Me’s avatar system and other software.

What kinds of AI-generated outfits are provided by Ready Player Me?

Ready Player Me provides a range of AI-generated avatar outfits, empowering users to boost their creativity and craft unique, personalized avatars.

What benefits do developers gain from using Ready Player Me?

For developers, Ready Player Me offers a special integration platform with Unity and Unreal Engine SDKs. This makes it quick and easy to add the avatar platform to their apps and games, typically in less than a day.


The Ready Player Me avatar system gives you a complete solution for creating, managing, incorporating, and personalizing player avatars on various platforms like web, desktop, mobile, VR, and any others supported by Unity and Unreal Engine. This innovative platform empowers users to step into the metaverse with avatars that truly reflect their unique identities, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience in a multitude of virtual worlds. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.