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Photo of author is one of the best AI background remover, an AI-powered tool that instantly removes backgrounds from images. It uses advanced algorithms to detect object edges and create transparent backgrounds or replace them with new ones. With a single click, it processes photos in as little as 5 seconds, eliminating the need for manual pixel selection. The tool seamlessly integrates with popular design programs, e-commerce sites, and computer environments. It also provides an API for custom workflows. Notably, it excels in handling intricate details like feathery hair.

Beyond its technical capabilities, caters to a wide audience, offering design templates and tutorials for individuals, photographers, marketers, developers, e-commerce sites, and media outlets. Companies like Sony Music Entertainment Denmark and Phoenix Trading Company, as well as publications like TechCrunch, have praised the tool. Overall, proves to be a versatile solution, streamlining various tasks and saving considerable time and effort. - Best AI Background Remover - about Background Removal
Free Trial, Paid plans start from $9/mo
  • Advanced Algorithms
  • Handling Complex Details
  • Magic Brush
  • Fast Processing
  • Integrations and Plugins - Best AI Background Remover - Advanced Algorithms - Magic Brush

What is is an AI-powered tool crafted to autonomously eliminate backgrounds from images. The tool is not just a background remover; it’s a wizard that automatically removes existing backgrounds, leaving your image transparent. More impressively, it grants the freedom to replace the original background with a brand-new one.

How does remove image backgrounds? employs advanced AI algorithms to identify object edges in an image. Once detected, it autonomously removes the background, creating either a transparent image or replacing it with a new background. This entire process happens instantly, eliminating the need for any manual efforts by the user.

Key Features of Best AI Background Remover - Best AI Background Remover - Key Features of - feathery hair - user-friendly interface

Let’s dive into the features that make an out-of-the-box tool:

Advanced Algorithms

Advanced algorithms that effortlessly detect object edges for seamless background removal or replacement.

Handling Complex Details

Handle the most intricate details, from feathery hair to challenging elements, with’s advanced capabilities.

Magic Brush

Empowering users with a precision tool, the Magic Brush allows intricate control over image elements, offering the freedom to remove or restore with utmost accuracy.

Fast Processing

In just 5 seconds, witness the magic as processes your photos with a single click, saving you valuable time.

Integrations and Plugins

Enjoy compatibility with popular design software, e-commerce platforms, and computer environments, along with a customizable API for tailored workflows.

Tools & API for Seamless Integration

Integrate effortlessly into your workflow with a range of tools and APIs catering to diverse needs.

Design & Photo Editing

  • for Windows, Mac & Linux.
  • Android App by
  • Photoshop Plugin.
  • Command Line Interface.
  • Gimp Plugin.
  • Figma Plugin.
  • Sketch Plugin.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries via Zapier.
  • Foursquare via Make.
  • Google Photos via Make.
  • Mallabe Images via Zapier | Make.
  • Unsplash via Make.


  • Shopify via Make.

Content Management

  • Google Drive via Zapier | Make.
  • Ghost via Zapier | Make.
  • Zoho WorkDrive via Zapier.


  • Command Line Interface by
  • for Windows, Mac & Linux by
  • Gmail via Zapier | Make.
  • Google Drive via Zapier | Make.
  • RSS via Zapier | Make.
  • OneDrive via Zapier | Make.
  • SFTP via Make.
  • FTP via Make.
  • Flickr via Zapier.
  • Dropbox Tool via Zapier | Make.
  • Amazon S3 via Zapier.
  • Box via Zapier | Make.
  • Citrix ShareFile via Zapier | Make.
  • Coda via Make.
  • Airtable via Zapier | Make.
  • Figma Plugin by Aaron Iker.
  • LinkedIn via Make.

Use Cases for

Explore different applications of catering to diverse user groups:

Individuals and Photographers

Effortlessly edit images for personal or professional use.

Marketers and Developers

Enhance visuals for marketing campaigns or app development.

E-Commerce Sites and Media Outlets

Improve product images or create engaging content effortlessly. Pricing Plans offers two paid subscription plans to suit different needs and also a Free plan for starters.

  • Free Account:
    • 1 free credit
    • 50 free previews via API and apps per month
    • Apps for Windows / Mac / Linux and Adobe Photoshop
    • Refer friends and earn credits
  • Subscription Plan: $0.20/image
  • Pay as you go: $0.90/image Alternative

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Is capable of managing complex details such as feathery hair

Yes, excels at managing intricate details like feathery hair effortlessly. Its advanced AI algorithms are specifically crafted to address challenging aspects of images, including thin or delicate details, ensuring a high-quality outcome.

Is available for free use? provides a free service that users can use indefinitely. For enhanced features and continued use, there are paid plans available.

What tasks can assist with? is a versatile tool designed to assist with various tasks, including transparent background creation, replacing backgrounds in images, designing templates, and editing pictures. Its adaptability makes it a time-saving solution for users seeking efficiency in diverse applications.

Can process photos faster? is built for fast photo processing. It can handle even complex photos with complex backgrounds and complete the process in just 5 seconds.

How do I use to replace the current background with a new one?

With, replacing the old background with a new one is easy through its user-friendly interface. Once the AI detects and removes the current background automatically, you can simply upload the new background for replacement.


In wrapping up, emerges as a true pioneer in the realm of AI image editing. Its advanced AI algorithms, fast processing, and versatile features make it a useful tool for individuals, photographers, marketers, developers, and e-commerce enthusiasts. The precision of the Magic Brush, seamless integrations, and a wide array of plugins amplify its usability.

Whether you’re a creative individual aiming for personal or professional image enhancements, a marketer seeking to elevate visuals, or an e-commerce entity looking to transform product images, is the right tool for you.

With a user-friendly interface and a resource hub offering templates and tutorials, ensures accessibility for users of all levels. From a free trial to flexible subscription plans, the tool caters to diverse needs.

So, dive into the world of, where image editing becomes an art form, and creativity knows no limits. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.