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Replica Studios offers a tool called Replica Voice that lets you create lifelike AI voices for your projects. This tool includes an AI Voice Library with AI voice actors suitable for games, films, and animations.

You can use the Digital Voice Studio feature to try out different voices, direct performances, and export the audio in your preferred format. They also provide a Voice API for integrating Replica into games and apps.

Replica Studios is committed to ethical practices and aims to build a diverse library of AI-powered voice actors with various accents and styles, like British, American, and Eastern European voices.

The tool is designed to speed up content creation and experimentation by giving you easy access to and control over voices for your projects.

Notable companies like Venture Beat and PC Gamer have trusted and recognized Replica Studios’ Text-to-Speech AI Voices. They also offer resources like a blog and a support center to assist users with their voice-related projects.

Replica - AI Voice Actors with AI Voice Library - about
Free Trial, Paid plans start from $36
  • AI Voice Library
  • Rapid Voice Production
  • Voice Security and Ethics
  • Compatibility Platforms
  • Free Voice Credit
Replica - AI Voice Actors with AI Voice Library - Replica Studios Features

Replica Studios Features

Replica Voice is a platform that utilizes AI-driven technology to generate lifelike voice actors, used for producing authentic voice performances within creative projects. Notable features and benefits are:

AI Voice Library: AI Voice Actors

Replica AI Voice Actor Library boasts over 40 voices, with new additions regularly joining the ranks. These voices are trained by talented voice actors, ensuring a diverse and expressive range. Whether you need a British accent, an American twang, or an Eastern European flair, you’ll find the perfect voice for your project.

Rapid Voice Production – Efficiency at Its Best

Time is of the essence in content creation, and Replica Voice understands that. With its rapid voice production capabilities, you can efficiently produce voice lines and play-test development builds, ensuring your projects move forward seamlessly.

Voice Security and Ethics

Replica Studios takes voice security and ethics seriously. Replica Voice ensures that voices are used responsibly and ethically, giving you peace of mind as you create your content.

Compatibility Across Platforms

Replica Voice doesn’t just stop at creating voices; it ensures these voices can seamlessly integrate into your projects. It works smoothly with platforms like Unreal Engine, Replica API, Unity, Omniverse, iClone, and Roblox, making it a versatile choice for creators across different domains.

Free Voice Credit to Get You Started

Getting started with Replica Voice is a breeze, thanks to their offer of 30 minutes of free voice credit. This allows you to explore the platform and experience its capabilities without any financial commitment upfront.

Exploring Replica’s Products

Replica - AI Voice Actors with AI Voice Library - Exploring Replica's Products

Replica Voice offers three different products designed for content creators:

Voice Library

The Voice Library is a treasure trove of AI voice actors that can breathe life into your games, films, and animations. Meet characters like Freya, Vinnie, The Miscreant, Lilith, and more, each ready to elevate your project with their distinct personalities.

Digital Voice Studio

Replica - AI Voice Actors with AI Voice Library - Replica Studios Features - Digital Voice Studio

Digital Voice Studio is a powerhouse of creativity and offers a variety of features for your creative projects:

  • Organize Projects Effortlessly: Digital Voice Studio makes project management easy. It assists in organizing projects using lines and scenes effortlessly. You can handle an unlimited number of projects, effectively structure them, and choose the perfect AI voice actor before exporting your project. It’s the perfect tool for keeping your creative work well-organized.
  • Craft Your Story: You can develop your story with scenes. Each project accommodates multiple scenes, making it perfect for larger projects.
  • Create Audition characters: Develop your characters and cast the perfect AI voice actor from Replica Voice’s extensive catalog.
  • Script Management: Easily manage your script and lines in one place. Keep a history of your takes to ensure your project’s script is always well-organized.
  • Direct the AI Voice Actor: Use AI voice actors to have complete control over how your characters perform in your project. Create your characters and select the ideal AI voice actor from their extensive catalog.
  • Seamless Export: You can export your project with ease. Digital Voice Studio supports various formats like WAV, MP3, FLAC, and Ogg, and you can export them individually or in batches for a hassle-free experience.

Voice API

For those with custom integration needs, Digital Voice Studio offers its Voice API. This feature allows you to seamlessly integrate Replica Voice into your pipelines, games, and apps, breathing life into your creative ideas. It enables dynamic speech generation and seamless integration, turning your ideas into reality.

Please note: The Voice API is currently available to Enterprise Customers only.

Use Cases for Replica Studios

The applications of Replica Studios span a broad spectrum of creative industries. Here are a few notable use cases:

For pre-vis and pitch-vis needs, Replica Studios offers a powerful tool for indie creators and those seeking innovative opportunities, such as real-time voice generation and dynamic scripts.

Replica Pricing

Replica Studios’s pricing is refreshingly straightforward. They offer a free trial, allowing you to experience the platform’s capabilities without any initial cost. Additionally, two paid plans provide flexibility for users with varying needs.

  • Creative: $36
    • 4 hours of voice acting
    • Unlimited Replica voices
    • Unlimited Replica projects
    • Game Engine plugins
    • Commercial use
  • Enterprise: Contact
    • Custom package
    • All Standard Features
    • API Access
    • Priority Support
    • Commercial use

Replica Alternative

  • Coqui
  • Supertone
  • Uberduck
  • Resemble
  • Metavoice Studio
  • Revoicer
  • Respeecher


What is Replica Voice, and what can it do for me?

Replica Voice is a powerful tool that allows you to generate lifelike and emotive voice performances for your creative projects. It includes a Voice Library with various AI-driven voice actors suitable for applications in gaming, filmmaking, and animation. You can audition voices, direct performances, and export audio, making it a versatile solution for content creators.

How many AI voices are available in Replica Studio’s voice library?

Replica Studio offers over 40 AI voices in its Voice Library, with new additions being introduced every week. This ensures a diverse selection of voices to choose from for your projects.

Can I use Replica Studios with my preferred creative platform?

Yes, Replica Studios works with multiple platforms such as Unreal Engine, Replica API, Unity, Omniverse, iClone, and Roblox. It’s built to smoothly integrate into your chosen creative environment.

How can I get started with Replica Studios?

Getting started is easy. Replica Studios offers a free trial, which provides 30 minutes of free voice credit, allowing you to explore the platform and its capabilities without any initial cost.

What is the Replica Studios Voice API and who can access it?

The Voice API is a feature that enables the integration of Replica Voice into games and apps However, the Voice API is currently only available to enterprise customers, for high-level, industry-specific applications.


Replica Studios’ Text-to-Speech AI Voices is more than an AI tool in the world of content creation. Its extensive Voice Library, rapid voice production capabilities, and commitment to ethical voice usage make it an essential tool for creators in the fields of games, film, animation, and more. It enables you to elevate your creative work and produce engaging lifelike voice performances.

Replica Studios, Inc. is the company behind this tool, and they’re based in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia. They prioritize user privacy and provide options for consent and customization of features. Many creators have already trusted Replica Studios to bring their ideas to life, and you can too. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.