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Rocket AI is a subscription-based software platform that uses AI to enhance product images and generate customized design concepts for e-commerce businesses.

It helps businesses quickly enhance their product images, adding backgrounds and contexts known to boost conversion rates in seconds.

RocketAI has an easy-to-use interface accessible via web browsers, making it simple for businesses to create and customize personalized product images. It can also generate different product versions in various colors, styles, and sizes while enhancing image angles, lighting, and settings to improve marketing and sales.

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Free Trial, Paid plans start at $19/month
  • Design Generation
  • Image Enhancement
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Flexible Plans
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What is Rocket AI?

RocketAI is a leading SaaS platform for e-commerce image design. It uses advanced AI to turn regular product images into exceptional visual experiences. Businesses can effortlessly customize product images, create various versions in color, style, and size, and refine details like angles, lighting, and settings. Whether you’re a big online retailer or a new e-commerce startup, RocketAI provides customized solutions to enhance your product presentation.

How does RocketAI image design and editing work?

RocketAI utilizes artificial intelligence to significantly improve the design and editing of e-commerce images. By employing AI, it can both generate innovative design ideas and enhance existing images. This includes creating product variations in different colors, styles, and sizes, refining image angles, lighting, and settings, and adding backgrounds and contexts that have been proven to boost conversion rates.

Key Features of RocketAI

Let’s explore the standout features that set RocketAI apart in the world of e-commerce image design:

Design Generation

Effortlessly create customized product images and variations, offering a range of colors, styles, and sizes to suit your needs.

Image Enhancement

RocketAI allows you to enhance your product images by adding better backgrounds, and contextual elements, and fine-tuning settings to boost sales.

User-Friendly Interface

With RocketAI’s easy-to-use web-based platform, navigating the image design process is a breeze.

Flexible Plans

Tailor your experience with RocketAI by choosing from Standard and Enterprise plans, each designed to cater to the unique requirements of your e-commerce business.

Rocket AI - Generate Customized Product Images - product variations - product catalog - Key Features

Ideal use cases for RocketAI

RocketAI caters to a diverse range of e-commerce businesses, offering unparalleled value across various use cases:

Online Retailers

Enhance product images to captivate customers and boost sales conversion rates.

E-commerce Startups

Establish a compelling brand presence and attract customers with stunning product presentations.

Marketing Teams

Streamline design tasks and unleash creativity with AI-powered image enhancements.


There are two subscription plans offered by RocketAI: Standard and Enterprise. The Standard plan allows 3 AI agents with a custom-trained model with product images, while the Enterprise plan offers 10 AI Agents with a custom-trained model fine-tuning and supports multiple users.

  • Standard: $19/month
    • 3 AI agents with a custom trained model
    • 3 AI Design Studios with custom models
    • 300 AI images 4K generation
    • 90 AI prompt assists
  • Enterprise: $99/month
    • 10 AI Agents with a custom-trained model
    • 10 AI Design Studios with custom models
    • 1000 AI images 4K generation
    • 300 AI prompt assists
    • Priority support
    • Priority access to new features


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How does RocketAI’s web interface work?

RocketAI’s web interface is simple to use and specifically made for managing product images smoothly. Users can upload their product catalog, train a personalized text-to-image model, and produce numerous images just from a basic text input. This feature is a significant time-saver, cutting down on hours typically spent on research and design, while also enabling the effortless creation of imaginative visual content.

How can RocketAI generate product variations?

With RocketAI, making different versions of your product image is easy. Just upload your product catalog, train a special text-to-image model, and then generate a range of images from a basic text command. This lets you see your product in various styles, colors, and shapes almost instantly.

How does RocketAI help improve image angles and settings?

RocketAI uses AI to improve image angles, lighting, and settings, which play a vital role in enhancing marketing and sales. Its product image-enhancing feature adjusts every detail to make images more appealing, increasing the chances of conversion.

How can RocketAI increase sales and advertising performance?

RocketAI boosts sales and advertising results by enhancing product image quality, generating various product variations, and incorporating backgrounds that drive conversion. With improved and personalized images, RocketAI can greatly enhance customer engagement, leading to increased sales and advertising effectiveness.

What are the advantages of using RocketAI for e-commerce business?

E-commerce businesses can gain various advantages from RocketAI. It makes creating and editing product images quicker and easier. Generating new design concepts and product variations attracts more customer attention and boosts conversion rates. Improving image quality enhances marketing and sales effectiveness. Most importantly, It saves businesses significant time in design and research efforts.


By using RocketAI, businesses can leverage AI to streamline their creative processes, saving considerable time on research and design. The platform offers powerful AI-driven solutions to enhance product images and streamline design tasks. With its user-friendly interface and flexible plans, RocketAI empowers businesses of all sizes to unleash their creativity and drive sales conversion. Ultimately, RocketAI helps businesses achieve more efficient and effective marketing and sales strategies.

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