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Scholarcy, an AI tool available online, specializes in summarizing various documents, including articles, reports, and book chapters. Its central objective is to furnish users with a quick understanding of the underlying significance and key points within these documents.

When you use Scholarcy, it can generate summary flashcards in Word or PDF format for any document you upload. These flashcards are easy to read and follow a clear structure.

Apart from summarizing, Scholarcy has other useful features. It can automatically find and list all the references mentioned in a document. It also links to online sources (open-access source linking) where you can access the full text of those references. Additionally, it can pull out figures, tables, and images from the documents.

For added convenience, Scholarcy offers browser extensions for Chrome and Edge. These extensions connect with online repositories (open-access repositories) of academic papers and create a searchable collection of summary cards. You can access these summaries from any device.

The platform uses AI to assist researchers, students, journalists, librarians, and others in quickly navigating large amounts of information, aiming to save time and simplify comprehension of complex documents.

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Free Trial, Paid plans start at $4.99/month
  • Background Reading Assistance
  • Highlights important points
  • Creates a referenced summary
  • Finds the references
  • Table and Figure Extraction
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What is Scholarcy?

Scholarcy, an online tool powered by advanced AI technology, offers a comprehensive solution for summarizing and evaluating academic research. Its intuitive interface ensures ease of use, enabling users to quickly understand the significance of different types of documents such as articles, reports, and book chapters.

Moreover, this AI platform seamlessly provides detailed summaries in Word or PDF formats, enhancing user experience and efficiency in evaluating textual content.

How does the Scholarcy work?

Scholarcy is an innovative tool designed to streamline document processing by converting lengthy text documents into concise summary flashcards. Its functionality extends beyond mere summarization as it prioritizes key point emphasis, significant data assessment, and automatic reference extraction.

Moreover, it increases the comprehensiveness of summaries by extracting tables, figures, and images from documents. Also, Scholarcy’s integration with open-access sources and repositories further enhances its utility and accessibility for users.

Key Features of Scholarcy: Online Summarizing Tool

Background Reading Assistance

For those new to a particular field, Scholarcy generates a background reading list to catch you up quickly. It also points out important terms and abbreviations in the text for easy reference as you read.

Highlights important points: Robo-Highlighter™ Technology

Scholarcy’s advanced AI, equipped with Robo-Highlighter™ technology, automatically identifies and highlights significant phrases within documents, eliminating the need for manual highlighting.

Creates a referenced summary

Scholarcy summarizes the entire paper, including references, by rewriting statements in the third person. This makes it simpler to cite information accurately in your report, essay, or thesis. You can customize the summarization process by selecting the word count, highlighting level, and language variation.

Finds the references

Say goodbye to tedious web searches for cited papers. Scholarcy locates open-access PDFs from various sources, ensuring quick access to referenced materials.

Table and Figure Extraction

Need to analyze numerical data? Scholarcy extracts tables and figures from documents, facilitating further examination and analysis.

Scholarcy - AI Summarizing Tool - Flashcards Maker - Key Features of Scholarcy

Use Cases for Scholarcy

Scholarcy is made for researchers, students, librarians, and anyone who wants simple, informative summaries of complex documents.

Academic Researchers

Stay updated on the latest research developments and streamline the publication process with Scholarcy’s time-saving features.

Policy Researchers

Efficiently synthesizes large volumes of information into concise reports and briefing documents, ensuring thorough and accurate data analysis.


Meet tight deadlines with ease by quickly extracting key facts, quotes, and summaries from documents, backed by verifiable sources.


Stay organized with recommended reading lists and easily manage notes and highlights for academic assignments.


Enhance the research experience for library users and promote information literacy with Scholarcy’s comprehensive summarization tools.

Scholarcy Pricing

Enjoy unlimited summaries and seamless cross-device access with Scholarcy’s straightforward pricing model. Scholarcy also offers a free trial option.

  • Free: $0, Free Article Summarizer
    • Import a range of file formats
    • Limit of 3 summaries per day
    • Export flashcards (one at a time)
  • Scholarcy Plus: $4.99/month
    • Everything in Free plan, plus:
    • Unlimited summarization
    • Generate enhanced summaries
    • Save your flashcards
    • Take notes, highlight, and edit text
    • Organise flashcards into collections
    • Export up to 100 flashcards at once
    • Literature Matrix creation
    • One-click bibliographies


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Who can benefit from Scholarcy?

Scholarcy caters to a diverse user base, including researchers, students, journalists, and librarians, seeking efficient information processing solutions.

How does Scholarcy extract references?

Scholarcy automatically pulls out references. The platform uses an AI algorithm to recognize and extract citation details from the documents it handles, and it gives links to open-access versions of the cited sources.

How does Scholarcy work with open-access repositories?

Scholarcy integrates seamlessly with open-access repositories such as arXiv, biorXiv, and OSF Preprints through its browser extension, summarizing documents and creating searchable flashcards for convenient access from any device.

What does a Scholarcy flashcard contain?

Scholarcy flashcards are condensed summaries of articles, reports, or documents, emphasizing key facts, figures, and references, all presented in an understandable format.

What types of documents are Scholarcy able to summarize?

Scholarcy can summarize various document types, including research articles, reports, and book chapters, in both Word and PDF formats.


So, Scholarcy revolutionizes handling large volumes of text. Whether you’re a researcher, student, journalist, or librarian, Scholarcy makes summarizing and understanding complex documents easier.

Using AI, the platform simplifies finding information, improves document assessment, and aids knowledge management. With customizable options, easy access across devices, and a friendly interface, Scholarcy helps users save time, stay organized, and make informed choices.

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