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In today’s digital age, finding new music has become much easier than ever. With the help of various music streaming platforms and social media, we can easily listen to millions of songs. But many times we listen to many songs but we don’t understand their real meaning. But if we could understand the real meaning of all those songs then how good it would be.

However, in the age of AI, there is no reason to worry. In the AI world comes a website called Songtell, the first AI-generated song meanings repository with more than 47,000 song meanings created. So now if you have difficulty understanding the meaning of a song, then you can directly go to Songtell and search for the song and get its original meaning.

In this article, we’ll explore Songtell’s unique features and what role this new AI-powered application plays in today’s music world.

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Free, from $2.49
  • Song Meaning Repository
  • In-depth analysis of songs and explores the deeper meaning of songs in different languages.
  • More than 47,000 songs.

What is Songtell?

In one sentence, Songtell is the first AI-generated song meanings repository. That means, is the first website that can use artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze song lyrics and generate a summary based on user requests. Based on what we’ve observed, the AI’s performance seems pretty impressive.

Currently, the site has a database of over 47,749 songs, which may be a relatively small number compared to the vast number of songs available in the music world, but it is a significant achievement for a new website.

Songtell - Best AI-Generated Song Meaning Repository -Key features of Songtell

Key features of Songtell: Song Meaning Repository

Songtell’s primary objective is to ensure that the meaning of songs is accessible to all, regardless of language, culture, or genre. With the help of AI, Songtell is able to provide instant interpretation of lyrics in multiple languages. This feature can be especially useful for people looking to improve their language skills by analyzing the meaning of songs in a new language.

Some of the other features that make Songtell unique are in-depth song analysis, advanced ability to comment and generate meaning, personalized song recommendations based on meaning or topic, and more.

How does Songtell work?

Songtell uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning languages for in-depth analysis of songs and explores the deeper meaning of songs in different languages.

How to use Songtell?

To use Songtell, open in any web browser. You will then see a list of songs on the site’s landing page. You can choose any of them if you want to see the meaning of the song.

Songtell - Best AI-Generated Song Meaning Repository - How to use Songtell

Also, you can find your favorite song by typing the song name in the search box at the top right of the page. If the song is found, it will show the song meaning link below.

Generally, most of the songs are free to access, but some of them are paid to access, and to view them you need to sign up to Songtell with your email and then buy some top-up credits.

Songtell - Best AI-Generated Song Meaning Repository - How to use Songtell

Mary On a Cross Song Meaning: (By Ghost)

The song “Mary on a Cross” by Ghost is a metaphor for the freedom and resilience of the human spirit. The song takes the image of a crucified Mary, the mother of Jesus and a figure of strength and hope in Christianity, and uses it to represent the ability of people to overcome obstacles and to keep going, even in the face of adversity.

The chorus reflects the idea of being viewed as a sort of martyr, by being seen as going down just like a holy Mary, yet they choose to fight back and go on despite the difficult situation they may be in. The song is ultimately a reminder that, no matter what hardship one may be facing, one can and will survive by holding onto hope and never giving up.

Songtell Pricing

The Songtell has three top-up plans:

  • Free: limited access.
  • Paid:
    • 10 credits: $2.49, worth 10 generated meanings
    • 60 credits: $4.99, worth 60 generated meanings
    • 200 credits: $9.99, worth 200 generated meanings

Songtell Alternatives

There is no alternative app like Songtell yet. Still, there are some other AI-powered music app options:

  • Amper
  • Riffusion


Is available worldwide?

Yes, is accessible worldwide.

Can I download songs from

No, there is no download option on Songtell as Songtell is an AI-generated song-meaning repository.

Is free?

Although most of the songs are free, they offer paid subscriptions for access to many songs.


Songtell is an excellent platform for music lovers who not only listen to music but also feel the meaning of music. gives music enthusiasts a glimpse into the future of cataloging and accessing information with the growing influence of AI and machine learning. For more information and details about the platform visit the Songtell subreddit, r/songtell.

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