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Spellbook is a generative AI tool designed to assist legal professionals in crafting contracts (Contract Drafting) and legal documents. It utilizes advanced models like GPT-4 and other LLMs to analyze and propose language for your contracts and legal documents directly within Microsoft Word. Its primary function is to help users review and refine contracts comprehensively. Spellbook has been trained on an extensive dataset comprising billions of lines of legal text, covering case databases, form libraries, and statutes. This extensive training ensures that Spellbook can provide accurate and contextually relevant language suggestions within the nuanced realm of legal documents.

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What is Spellbook?

Spellbook, developed by Rally Legal, is a generative AI tool for drafting and reviewing contracts, designed to boost the efficiency and accuracy of legal work. It’s the pioneering AI copilot for legal professionals, employing advanced models like GPT-4 and LLMs to provide language suggestions for contracts and legal documents.

Spellbook helps legal professionals with contract drafting and review. It quickly creates new clauses and sections based on the agreement’s context, identifies aggressive or unusual terms, recommends essential language and missing clauses, and highlights common negotiation points.

Spellbook Features


Instantly identify potential risks, errors, and negotiation points within contracts.


Utilize AI to draft relevant contracts, clauses, and client communication.


Provide precise changes and comments based on user prompts.

AI Assistant

Task-based automation for expedited document processing.


Automatically generate actionable information and suggestions upon document opening.

Clause Library

Automatically compile a searchable library of frequently used legal language.


You can use prompts to request particular tasks or results from the system.

Spellbook AI Contract Drafting and Legal Documents - Spellbook Features

Use cases for Spellbook

Spellbook handles tedious tasks, allowing you to concentrate on important work. The platform serves various needs:

Spellbook has been trained on billions of lines of legal text, covering statutes, case databases, libraries, and even content from the entire internet.

Trusted by Lawyers

Used by over 2,000 legal teams, it’s a trusted tool among legal professionals.

Integrated with Microsoft Word

Spellbook operates directly within Word, working alongside your contracts.


Spellbook offers a 7-day free trial. For paid subscription inquiries, users can contact the sales team.


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How do I get early access to Spellbook?

To access Spellbook early, you need to sign up for the waitlist on the website.

How does Spellbook work with Microsoft Word?

Spellbook is now part of Microsoft Word, so this AI assistant can work right within MS Word. This means legal professionals can draft and review documents without leaving their familiar Word environment.

What advantages will I gain from using Spellbook?

Spellbook speeds up contract drafting for legal professionals. The AI handles small details, allowing users to focus on strategic input.

What technology does Spellbook use?

Spellbook uses OpenAI’s GPT-4, a powerful large language model for text generation.

How is SpellBook different from other AI contract drafting tools?

Spellbook stands out from other AI contract drafting tools because it’s finely tuned for contracts, powered by GPT-4, and seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Word.


So, Spellbook is the pioneering AI tool tailored for legal professionals, offering a range of powerful features to streamline contract drafting and review. Developed by Rally Legal and powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, Spellbook seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Word for utmost convenience.

With instant drafting, risk detection, and automated suggestions, Spellbook simplifies contract tasks, letting lawyers prioritize delivering value to clients. Whether you’re an experienced attorney or new to the field, Spellbook’s user-friendly interface and robust capabilities make it an essential tool for all legal professionals.

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