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Stenography is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered code documentation tool. Developers can automatically generate documentation for their code in real-time with this tool.

It relies on a powerful API that can take your code and give you explanations in simple, everyday English. It can also suggest solutions from Stack Overflow and provide links to relevant documentation.

Stenography is highly adaptable, with extensions like the VSC Extension, making it compatible with various coding environments. Your privacy is a top concern with Stenography. It doesn’t retain or store your code; it uses a secure passthrough API.

You can use Stenography for free up to 250 times every month. It also keeps an updated list of examples and extensions on Notion. Stenography was developed by Bram Adams and is a valuable tool for developers.

Stenography - AI Code Documentation Tool - about
Paid, starts from $10/mo
  • Autopilot
  • A Powerful API
  • Stack Overflow Suggestions and Linked Documentation
  • Extensions
  • Privacy First
  • 250 Free Monthly Invocations
Stenography - AI Code Documentation Tool - Stenography Features

Stenography Features: AI Code Documentation Tool

Autopilot: Code Documentation Made Effortless

Stenography’s Autopilot feature is a game-changer for developers. It enables the automatic documentation of entire codebases every time you hit the save button. This means you can concentrate on coding while Stenography handles the documentation. It makes your workflow smoother and saves you precious time.

Stenography - AI Code Documentation Tool - Stenography Features - Autopilot - Code Documentation Made Effortless

A Powerful API: Your Code, in Plain English

One of Stenography’s standout features is its robust API. Simply input your code, and Stenography will provide a comprehensive explanation in plain English. You can customize the output to give your code according to your needs.

Stack Overflow Suggestions and Linked Documentation

With Stenography, you no longer need to explore the internet for solutions. It intelligently incorporates Stack Overflow Suggestions and linked documentation, providing you with the information you need right when you need it. Say goodbye to endless Googling, and say hello to seamless coding.

Extensions: Integrating Everywhere

Stenography’s versatility shines through its numerous extensions. Wherever code resides, Stenography integrates effortlessly. Whether you’re using Visual Studio Code or your own custom extension, Stenography is ready to enhance your coding experience.

Privacy First

Protecting your code and data is important, and Stenography understands this. It employs a passthrough API, ensuring that your code remains secure and never leaves your system. Your privacy is Stenography’s priority.

250 Free Monthly Invocations

Stenography offers developers the opportunity to make 250 free API invocations every month. This generous allowance allows you to experience the benefits of Stenography without breaking the bank. Whether you’re using it within Visual Studio Code or your custom environment, the first 250 invocations are on the house.

How Stenography Works

Stenography operates on two fundamental layers: the parsing layer and the explanation layer.

The Parsing Layer:

The parsing layer of Stenography is where the magic begins. It relies on the principles of Kolmogorov complexity to identify complex code patterns. Not all code is created equal, and the parsing layer identifies intricate code blocks that can be broken down into understandable explanations. This process involves the expertise of both developers and the AI, ensuring that Stenography captures the nuances of code in various programming languages.

The Explanation Layer:

The explanation layer of Stenography is where art meets science. Crafting a good explanation requires an understanding of the target audience and their needs. Stenography ensures that explanations strike the perfect balance—neither too simple nor too complex. They remain focused while providing external resources when necessary. This layer is subjective and relies on the psychology of the reader. It’s a delicate dance between human expertise and AI cooperation, all in the pursuit of enhancing developer productivity.

Developer Productivity

Stenography smoothly fits into your development process without causing any disruptions. It runs automatically when you save your work in the Visual Studio Code extension, simplifying code documentation. Stenography supports various programming languages and provides guidance that enhances your coding experience. It is a tool that empowers you to focus on your primary task which is writing code.

Goals with Stenography

  • Stenography’s goal is to make code understanding accessible to everyone. It lets code communicate on its own, breaking language barriers.
  • Code should be accessible, and Stenography makes it so. It makes the onboarding process smoother and ensures that reading code or creating documentation is effortless.
  • Effective knowledge transfer is essential for smooth collaboration. Stenography bridges the gap between local and remote teams, reducing bottlenecks in organizational workflows.

Pros and Cons


  • Real-time automatic documentation
  • API-driven service
  • Explanations in plain English
  • Stack Overflow Suggestions
  • Integration with Visual Studio Code Extension
  • Privacy prioritized
  • No code storage
  • 250 free monthly invocations
  • Live examples and extensions
  • Eliminates the need for manual Googling
  • Flexible customization
  • Multiple extension integrations
  • Personal code remains system-local


  • Limited free monthly invocations
  • Requires Visual Studio Code Extension for full integration
  • Dependency on Stack Overflow content
  • Single developer reliability

Stenography Pricing

Stenography’s pricing is great for smaller, less complex projects because they offer up to 250 free uses every month. They also provide a constantly updated list of examples and extensions on Notion. If you start using it more often, you’ll switch to the “Team” plan.

  • Tier I: $10/month
    • 1,000 invocations per month
    • Chrome Extension
    • Populated Documentation Explanations
    • Stack Overflow Search Suggestions
    • API Access
  • Tier II: $20/month
    • 2,500 invocations per month
    • Early access to new features and extensions
    • Chrome Extension
    • Populated Documentation Explanations
    • Stack Overflow Search Suggestions
    • API Access
  • Team: Contact
    • 100,000 invocations + overage
    • Custom Populated Documentation Upload
    • Team Support
    • Early access to new features and extensions
    • Chrome Extension
    • Stack Overflow Search Suggestions
    • API Access

Stenography Alternative

  • Mintlify
  • Sveltron
  • Theneo
  • DocuDo
  • Wanda


What is Stenography?

Stenography is an AI-powered codebase documenter that automatically documents developers’ codebases in real-time. It explains in plain English and suggests relevant Stack Overflow content and linked documentation.

What is Stenography’s API for?

Stenography’s API is built to simplify codebase documentation. It takes in code and responds with explanations in plain English automatically.

How does Stenography work?

Stenography operates using a powerful API that accepts code and provides plain English explanations. It also suggests relevant Stack Overflow content and linked documentation. Additionally, it can be integrated into different coding environments through extensions.

Can Stenography suggest Stack Overflow content?

Yes, Stenography does offer Stack Overflow content suggestions and links to online documentation as part of its service.

Does Stenography store my code?

No, Stenography doesn’t retain your code; it uses a passthrough API to keep your code on your system.

How can I use Stenography’s API for free?

You can utilize Stenography’s API for free, with a limit of 250 uses per month. You can use it within Visual Studio Code or your own custom extension.


So, Stenography is a remarkable tool for developers. It takes the hassle out of documenting code by doing it automatically, saving precious time. Its clear explanations in plain English and easy access to Stack Overflow content make coding smoother and more understandable.

Moreover, Stenography prioritizes your privacy, guaranteeing the security of your code. It serves as an excellent VSC add-on that can substantially enhance your coding experience. This becomes particularly crucial in simplifying documentation and enhancing your proficiency as a developer. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.