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In today’s digital world, video content is king. From marketing to sales, video has become an integral part of the customer experience. However, creating personalized videos for each customer can be time-consuming and expensive. This is where Tavus AI comes in.

Tavus is a personalized video platform powered by artificial intelligence that enables users to create custom videos with unique voice variables. With Tavus, you can easily record a video and convert it into countless AI-generated videos tailored for each of your customers. That means businesses can use Tavus to create personalized videos tailored to their target audience without having to record multiple versions of the same video. This article details Tavus AI and its technology, how it works, its price, and more.

Tavus - AI Personalized Video Platform - about
$275/mo, Custom Plan
  • AI voice clone
  • AI HD lip sync
  • Unlimited audio variables
  • Dynamic video backgrounds
  • Custom branding
  • Embeddable CTAs
  • Video previews
  • Native integrations
Tavus - AI Personalized Video Platform - What is Tavus

What is Tavus?

Tavus AI is an AI-powered programmatic personalized video tool that empowers product, marketing, and sales teams to upgrade their relationship-building strategies. It is designed to create an interactive experience, allowing users to record a video and create customized versions for many potential viewers without re-recording. Tavus AI uses generative AI to create realistic videos that perfectly simulate customers.

Key features of Tavus: AI Personalized Video Platform

Tavus AI is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that generates personalized videos with the user’s face and voice. Here are some key features of Tavus:

1) Synthetic media with human connection: Best-in-voice cloning

Tavus is the only personalized video maker that seamlessly blends synthetic media with the user’s face and voice to maintain the human connection. AI cloning captures emotions and replicates the way the user speaks.

2) Voice Verification and Live Recording

Tavus has a built-in feature that makes it more difficult to fool the system as it requires users to perform voice verification and live recording on the platform.

3) Automatic video generation

Tavus enables users to create personalized videos by recording a single video and using AI technology to create a large number of customized videos, up to millions. AI audio engine turns text into speech, making it possible to scale personalized video outreach.

4) Hyper-customizable templates

Tavus offers hyper-customizable templates that enable the user to call viewers by their name and further personalize the videos.

5) Real media blending

Tavus uses generative AI technology to clone real people, rather than creating avatars. This enables videos to express real emotion and personality, ultimately leading to a stronger and more meaningful connection with viewers.

6) Automatic Lip sync

Tavus AI can synchronize the user’s lip and mouth movements with their audio, resulting in ultra-realistic videos in high definition (HD).

7) Personalized Videos in Seconds

Tavus is an AI-based video personalization platform that uses video cloning technology to create hundreds of personalized videos in seconds.

8) Integration with other platforms

Tavus integrates directly with Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, and more, enabling personalized videos to be activated as part of automated workflows.

9) Personalized video backgrounds

Tavus AI empowers users to customize their video backgrounds to increase conversions. Users can choose to either include a background or go full screen.

10) Customized CTA

How does Tavus work?

Tavus - AI Personalized Video Platform - How does Tavus work
Tavus: Reading a script to create a base template. Image Credits: Tavus

To start using Tavus, a recruiter, sales executive, or other user needs to record a 15-minute video based on the script provided by the platform as part of the video creation process.

Then, include variables in your template to personalize it for each viewer. This video is then used to train AI to clone the user’s voice and face, creating hundreds, thousands, or even millions of unique personalized videos for the user.

Tavus - AI Personalized Video Platform - How does Tavus work
Tavus: Personalizing script with variables. Image Credits: Tavus

Tavus uses generative AI to create realistic videos that perfectly simulate customers. The AI engine turns user text into speech that sounds exactly like them, and synthetic media blends seamlessly with videos to create an ultra-realistic facial cloning effect, allowing viewers to emotionally connect with the user rather than an avatar.

Tavus Pricing

Tavus has a business model aimed at small businesses offering a basic intro plan, which costs $275 per month. This plan comes with certain limitations, such as the number of videos that can be created. The Custom “Business” plan, on the other hand, removes these restrictions but does not have a fixed price for this plane. The plan is priced according to how a company wants to use the platform.

  • INTRO: $275/mo, For startups and small businesses
    • One AI voice and face model
    • 200 Tavus Generated Videos per month
    • Unlimited AI templates
    • Unlimited AI Variables in templates
    • Access to core features
  • BUSINESS: Custom Plan, For high growth companies and enterprises, Everything in Intro, plus
    • Unlimited Users and AI models
    • Volume Discounts and Custom Quantity of Tavus Generated Videos
    • Enterprise Grade Support, whiteglove onboarding, and dedicated Slack channel
    • Priority generation queues and faster video generation time
    • API Access and custom integrations
    • Higher quality videos, and advanced video quality assurance
    • Dynamically generated video backgrounds

Tavus Alternatives

  • Windsor
  • Rephrase
  • Colossyan


Tavus offers various features and tools to create personalized and engaging videos. The platform’s customizable call-to-action buttons and variable backgrounds enable users to create engaging and personalized videos.

The platform offers some unique features such as voice cloning, voice verification, hyper-customizable templates, automatic lip sync, etc. that create realistic videos that perfectly mimic customers. Additionally, a custom “business” plan option allows for pricing flexibility based on a company’s specific needs.

The platform’s use of generative AI technology also provides automated editing and personalized recommendations, making video creation faster and more efficient. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.

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