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TeleportHQ serves as an AI-driven website frontend design and UI builder, employing code generated by OpenAI. It empowers developers to swiftly and precisely craft websites and their components. Leveraging TeleportHQ’s Vision API, developers can transform hand-drawn wireframes into digital designs, facilitating a rapid transition from concept to a fully operational prototype within minutes.

Users have the capability to generate entire websites or specific components, starting from pre-designed templates and harnessing the strength of AI. Moreover, TeleportHQ provides a low-code environment for collaborative code editing, a Figma plugin tailored for wireframing, and quick tutorials for mastering the platform in under 10 minutes. Through its AI code generator, Chat GPT, TeleportHQ is reshaping the landscape of website creation.

TeleportHQ - AI Frontend Design & Development - low-code environment
Free, Paid plans start from €15/mo
  • Image Optimization Algorithm
  • Server-Side Rendering Support
  • Responsive Media Queries
  • GitHub Integration
  • Ready-Made Templates
  • Integrated Content Libraries
  • Figma to Code Conversion
  • Custom Fonts
  • Multimedia Embedding
TeleportHQ - AI Frontend Design & Development - Low-Code Development Platform

What is TeleportHQ?

TeleportHQ is a website and UI builder powered by AI, utilizing OpenAI-generated code for swift prototyping. It enables developers to efficiently create websites and elements, transform hand-drawn wireframes into digital designs, and utilize pre-made templates. The platform also includes a low-code environment for collaborative code editing, a Figma plugin, and resources for effective platform utilization.

How does TeleportHQ employ AI in website development?

TeleportHQ uses AI in multiple ways to construct websites.

Vision API: Bridging Sketches and Digital Designs

TeleportHQ’s Vision API transforms hand-drawn wireframes into digital designs, providing a quick transition from concept to prototype. Developers benefit from the precision and speed this AI-driven feature offers.

Chat GPT Code Generator: Crafting Entire Websites with Ease

At the heart of TeleportHQ lies Chat GPT, the AI code generator. This powerhouse allows developers to generate entire websites or individual components effortlessly, streamlining the web development process.

Low-Code Development: Simplifying the Coding Experience

TeleportHQ introduces a low-code environment, making code editing and collaboration a breeze. This user-friendly interface enhances the efficiency of website development, catering to both seasoned developers and newcomers.

TeleportHQ Features: AI Frontend Design

TeleportHQ - AI Frontend Design & Development - TeleportHQ Features - Chat GPT code generator

Image Optimization Algorithm

Automatically optimize asset size with TeleportHQ’s image optimization algorithm, ensuring efficient performance.

Server-Side Rendering Support

Transform HTML files on the server into fully rendered HTML pages, enhancing the overall user experience.

Responsive Media Queries

Craft responsive designs effortlessly by creating different layouts using media queries.

GitHub Integration

Stay organized and track project changes seamlessly with TeleportHQ’s GitHub integration.

Ready-Made Templates

Kickstart your projects with inspiration from free static templates, saving time and effort.

Integrated Content Libraries

Effortlessly import assets and create personalized front-end content libraries.

Figma to Code Conversion

Export designs from Figma to TeleportHQ, streamlining the transition from prototyping to development.

Custom Fonts

Maintain design consistency by uploading and utilizing custom fonts across projects.

Multimedia Embedding

Enhance projects with embedded forms, PDFs, and videos, supporting diverse media formats.

TeleportHQ: A Comprehensive Product Overview

TeleportHQ - AI Frontend Design & Development - AI Website Builder

TeleportHQ emerges as a collaborative front-end platform, integrating UI development and content modeling tools for a seamless website creation experience.

Professional Website Builder

Craft professional websites swiftly with TeleportHQ’s drag-and-drop builder, offering clean code export to HTML, CSS, and multiple JavaScript frameworks.

Static Website Builder

Design your way with the static website builder, perfect for coders and non-coders alike, enabling the creation of business pages, portfolios, and more.

Static Website Templates

Access free, fast, and responsive static website templates, simplifying the web development process.

Low-Code Development Platform

Boost productivity with TeleportHQ’s low-code tools, featuring a visual interface, reusable components, and clean code export to various frameworks.

AI Website Builder

Experience two revolutionary ways of building websites with TeleportHQ’s AI website generator, utilizing ChatGPT or Vision API for dynamic page and component creation.

Code Collaboration

Facilitate real-time collaboration with TeleportHQ’s online code collaboration, accelerating web development in a shared code editor.

Code Generators

Effortlessly design websites, landing pages, or blogs using TeleportHQ’s static site generator and customizable drag-and-drop environment.

Figma Plugin

Streamline the design-to-development workflow by generating code from Figma to TeleportHQ, supporting various frameworks.

Teleporthq Pricing

TeleportHQ offers transparent and flexible pricing, allowing designers and developers to code collaboratively, publish, and export with ease. The platform features two paid pricing plans, including a free option for users to explore.

  • Free: €0, Free forever. Get started with Teleport effortlessly. Build, share, and publish your projects—all in one place.
    • 1 Project
    • Unlimited collaborators
    • Real-time collaboration
    • Free ready-made templates
    • Free code export
    • Community support
    • Hosting under Teleporthq
    • 5 MB of assets/project
    • Limited bandwidth
  • Professional: €15/editor/month, Pay as you grow. For teams and individuals requiring collaboration on intricate projects hosted on custom domains. All features in Free, plus:
    • Unlimited projects
    • Unlimited view-only collaborators
    • Shared components library(coming soon)
    • Upload videos
    • Private projects
    • Dedicated customer support
    • Includes publishing on 3 custom domains
    • 1 GB of assets/project
    • 200GB bandwidth/month
    • Integration with Vercel
  • Agency: Custom price. For agencies and brands managing numerous projects, multiple domains, or specific hosting requirements. All features in Professional, plus:
    • Unlimited projects
    • Unlimited view-only collaborators
    • Shared components library(coming soon)
    • Upload videos
    • Private projects
    • Dedicated customer support
    • Includes publishing on 10+ custom domains
    • Custom storage options
    • Custom bandwidth on demand
    • Integration with Vercel

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How does OpenAI code contribute to the functionality of TeleportHQ?

In TeleportHQ, OpenAI code drives the AI code generator known as Chat GPT. This advanced tool empowers developers to rapidly and accurately create websites and their components. TeleportHQ, utilizing this generator, introduces an innovative approach to website development, enhancing efficiency and flexibility in the process.

How can I make a website using TeleportHQ?

To make a website with TeleportHQ, begin by choosing ready-made templates or generating one from scratch. Transform hand-drawn wireframes into digital designs using TeleportHQ’s Vision API. Import the AI-generated code from Chat GPT into the platform, and then easily edit it in a low-code environment.

What is TeleportHQ’s Vision API?

TeleportHQ’s Vision API is an impressive tool that enables developers to transform hand-drawn wireframes into digital designs. This feature utilizes AI to interpret sketches, rapidly transitioning them into fully functional prototypes. It significantly speeds up the journey from concept to a working prototype.

How can I utilize pre-designed templates in TeleportHQ?

To employ ready-made templates in TeleportHQ, just go to the ‘Templates’ section on their website and pick a design that fits your requirements. After selection, bring the template into the low-code environment for additional customization and development. This streamlines the web-building process by offering a starting point for development.

What is the use of the Figma plugin in TeleportHQ?

The Figma plugin in TeleportHQ facilitates wireframing by enabling users to create flexible, scalable vector graphics for their websites. Users can seamlessly incorporate these designs directly into their projects, ensuring a smooth workflow from Figma design to development in TeleportHQ.


TeleportHQ is more than just a website builder; it’s packed with dev tools in the world of web development. With its AI-powered features, such as the Vision API and Chat GPT code generator, TeleportHQ enables developers to create websites with unparalleled speed and precision. The low-code environment, collaborative tools, and diverse templates further enhance the user experience, making website creation accessible to both beginners and seasoned developers.

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of digital innovation, TeleportHQ stands out as a beacon, offering not only efficient website creation but also a glimpse into the future of collaborative and AI-driven development. Whether you’re a coder looking for a streamlined process or a newcomer exploring the possibilities of web design, TeleportHQ is a platform where creativity and technology converge.

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