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Nowadays, information overload is a common challenge. People often find themselves drowning in a sea of information. Sometimes long articles, documents, and web pages can be overwhelming. So we need to extract valuable insights from the sheer volume of online text in a short amount of time. This is where “TLDR this” is a game-changer and one of the best AI summarizer tools, offering 100% automatic article summarization with a single click. Gone are the days of slogging through lengthy texts; TLDRthis’s clever AI analyzes any piece of text and condenses it into digestible summary paragraphs, making it easier for you to read, understand, and act.

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TLDR this
Free, Paid plans start at $4.00/month
  • Automatic Summarization
  • Metadata Extraction
  • Distraction-Free Reading
  • Avoiding Clickbait
TLDR this - Best AI Summarizer Tool - What is TLDR this

What is TLDR this?

TLDRthis is an automated AI-powered text summarization tool that condenses long articles, essays, or papers into digestible paragraphs. This tool is a boon for people who are drowning in information overload as they can quickly access the key insights of a text without spending too much time reading.

Key Features and Benefits: Best AI Summarizer

TLDR this - Best AI Summarizer Tool - Key Features and Benefits

TLDRthis is a free/premium online text summarizing tool equipped with AI technology. Its primary function is to automatically condense long articles, documents, essays, or papers into short and easily digestible paragraphs. Here’s why it has become an essential tool for internet users:

1. Automatic Summarization

In a world flooded with information, TLDRthis simplifies the reading process. When you encounter a long article or document, just use the TLDRthis browser extension and watch the magic happen. Its clever AI analyzes text and automatically generates summaries that are easy to read, understand, and act upon. Say goodbye to reading long texts when you can get the gist in seconds.

2. Metadata Extraction

TLDRthis goes beyond mere summarization. It can automatically extract essential metadata from news articles and blog posts. This includes author and date information, related images, the title, and reading time. With TLDRthis, everything you need is conveniently presented in one place.

3. Distraction-Free Reading

Online articles often come with distracting elements like ads, popups, and graphics. TLDRthis takes care of that too. As an article summarizer tool, it eliminates these distractions giving you a clean and focused reading experience. You can now enjoy your content without the clutter.

4. Avoiding Clickbait

TLDRthis uses AI technology to filter out weak arguments, baseless speculation, flashy phrases, and other attention-grabbing tactics, ensuring that you quickly grasp the essence of the content without sifting through lengthy paragraphs.

TLDR this Browser Extension

TLDRthis offers a browser extension that simplifies the summarization process even further. You can summarize any webpage with just one click which saves your precious time and energy. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or professional, TLDRthis is designed to make your life easier.

TLDR this - Best AI Summarizer Tool - TLDR this Browser Extension

Who Can Benefit from TLDR This?

TLDRthis made for different audiences:

Internet Users

TLDRthis is for anyone who needs to quickly get the gist of a long article. So read the summary and decide if you want to see the full text.


TLDRthis is a lifesaver for students studying for exams. It helps digest information easily by condensing information into a concise format.


Writers can use TLDRthis to quickly summarize their articles, making both writing and reading easier.


Teachers can summarize lengthy documents or chapters for their students, saving time and simplifying the learning process.


Corporations and institutions can use TLDRthis to simplify content for their employees or students.


Journalists can summarize long articles for their publications efficiently.

TLDR this Pricing

TLDRthis offers a flexible pricing model to cater to your summarization and paraphrasing needs. You can start for free and switch plans at any time. Whether you’re an individual or a startup, TLDRthis can help you save time and focus on valuable work.

Monthly Subscription: TLDRthis offers various subscription plans based on your monthly or annual summarization needs.

  • Free: $0/month, For new users.
    • Unlimited Basic Summaries (Key Sentences)
    • 10 Advanced AI Summaries (one-time)
    • Upto 10 Paraphrases (one-time)
    • Browser Extensions
    • Distraction and ad-free reading
    • Article Metadata Extraction
    • Important Keywords Detection
  • Starter: $4.00/month, For low usage.
    • Unlimited Basic Summaries (Key Sentences)
    • 100 Advanced AI Summaries/month
    • Upto 100 Paraphrases/month
    • Browser Extensions
    • Distraction and ad-free reading
    • Article Metadata Extraction
    • Important Keywords Detection
  • Professional: $8.25/month, For medium-high usage.
    • Unlimited Basic Summaries (Key Sentences)
    • 500 Advanced AI Summaries /per month
    • Upto 500 Paraphrases /month
    • Browser Extensions
    • Distraction and ad-free reading
    • Article Metadata Extraction
    • Important Keywords Detection
    • Priority Support
  • Business: $16.60/month, For businesses who need summarization at scale.
    • Unlimited Basic Summaries (Key Sentences)
    • Unlimited Advanced AI Summaries /month
    • Upto 1000 Paraphrases /month
    • Browser Extensions
    • Distraction and ad-free reading
    • Article Metadata Extraction
    • Important Keywords Detection
    • Priority Support

Pay as You Go: The platform also offers “Pay as you go”. This means you’ll pay for what you use.

TLDR this Alternative

  • SummarizR
  • Tldr AI Summarizer
  • Unsummary
  • Distillr
  • Recapext
  • Summary Box


Is TLDRthis available as a browser extension?

Yes, TLDRthis provides a browser extension that allows users to summarize web pages with a single click.

Can TLDRthis summarize any type of text?

TLDRthis can summarize articles, documents, web pages, essays, and papers effectively.

Is TLDRthis suitable for students preparing for exams?

Absolutely! TLDRthis is a valuable tool for students who want to condense information for easier studying.

Do I need to pay for TLDRthis?

TLDRthis offers a free version, and you can choose from various subscription plans based on your needs.

How can TLDRthis benefit journalists?

Journalists can save time by quickly summarizing long articles for their publications. This allows their readers to get the main points efficiently.


In a world inundated with information, TLDRthis has emerged as a beacon of efficiency. Its AI-powered automatic summarization capabilities, metadata extraction, and distraction-free reading experience make it a Swiss Army knife. Use this tool to save time and gain insights from online content. If you are a student, writer, teacher, or journalist, this innovative summarizing tool can increase your efficiency and effectiveness in managing information. In a sentence, it can make your reading experience easier. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.