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Topaz Video AI is an advanced AI application/software designed to improve video quality. It is one of the best AI video editor apps. It’s the result of five years of research and development, providing AI models for professional use. The tool uses temporal information to enhance videos by upscaling, deinterlacing, restoring, and increasing frame rates. It employs AI filters to add realistic details based on information from neighboring frames. With GPU acceleration, it processes videos faster for smoother results. Importantly, it’s trained exclusively on video clips, making it the top-quality product in the AI world.

You can use Topaz Video AI to convert DVDs to Blu-ray quality for large-screen 4K TVs, eliminate noise, and sharpen videos. It’s great for deinterlacing interlaced footage, restoring old clips, and upscaling videos to 4K/8K. Additionally, it applies AI models to enhance graphics. The software offers motion interpolation for converting videos to 60 FPS or creating cinematic slow-motion effects. It also features AI-powered shake stabilization for smoother panning and reduced camera shake.

Topaz Video AI - Best AI Video Editor App - about
Topaz Video AI
Free Trial, One-time premium plan is $299
  • Video Upscaling
  • Deinterlacing
  • Frame Interpolation
  • Video Stabilization
  • Extensive Export Options
Topaz Video AI - Best AI Video Editor App - Video Stabilization - ai filters

What is Topaz Video AI?

Topaz Video AI is a video enhancement software that’s the result of five years of research and development. It offers high-quality AI models for professional use. The tool is specifically created to enhance video quality by using temporal information for natural upscaling, deinterlacing, restoration, and frame rate improvement. It uses AI filters to add realistic details, employs GPU acceleration for quicker processing, and stands out for being exclusively trained on video clips, ensuring the best quality video enhancement.

How does Topaz Video AI improve video quality?

Topaz Video AI improves video quality by analyzing a sequence of frames and using temporal information to enhance various aspects like upscaling, deinterlacing, restoration, and frame rate. Instead of processing each frame in isolation, it extracts and infers data from multiple adjacent frames, ensuring better detail, reduced noise, and smoother results. The application uses advanced AI algorithms to enhance visual quality and eliminate unwanted noise or distortions.

Topaz Video AI Features: Best AI Video Editor App

Topaz Video AI - Best AI Video Editor App - Topaz Video AI Features - Video Stabilization - GPU acceleration

Some of the key features of Video AI 4 that redefine video enhancement are:

Video Upscaling

Enhance your video resolution for a clearer, more detailed image. They’ve developed six Enhancement models, each tailored for specific quality improvements. The 2x scale mode sharpens and enhances fidelity while reducing noise. The software intelligently identifies and fixes visual artifacts caused by video compression. Choose between automatic modes for quick and easy processing or manual controls for precise adjustments to the output.


Get rid of those interlaced video artifacts to enjoy smoother and cleaner playback.

Frame Interpolation

Make your videos smoother by increasing frame rates. The Apollo model enables up to 16 times slow-motion conversion, while Chronos allows interpolation of up to 120 frames per second for enhanced motion.

Video Stabilization

Achieve a professional and steady video by stabilizing shaky footage. Choose between auto-crop and full-frame modes with video outpainting for added flexibility. The tool also provides options for correcting rolling shutter issues and compensating for jitter.

Extensive Export Options

Elevate your output quality by seamlessly integrating Video AI into your workflows with ProRes and Image Sequence export options. Experience enhanced dynamic bitrate controls: the default High setting for H264 and H265 exports is now fine-tuned to achieve a VMAF score of approximately 95. Use Dynamic Bitrate Controls on supported codecs to optimize visual quality and file size.


Boost your speed by 50% on GPUs compatible with TensorRT. Correct videos lacking rotation metadata by supporting rotations of 90, 180, and 270 degrees. Utilize the AV1 encoder specifically designed for AMD 7000 series GPUs and 700 series integrated graphics.

Use cases for Topaz Video AI

Topaz Video AI caters to diverse user needs:

Content Creators

Improve your video content for platforms like YouTube and Vimeo with optimization techniques.

Video Editors

Enhance the quality of your videos whether it’s for client projects, personal use, or sharing on social media.

Multimedia Professionals

Use advanced neural networks to produce best-quality video presentations, commercials, or educational content.


Improve and refine your footage to suit different platforms and distribution channels.

Pricing and Plans

Invest in Topaz Video AI for a lifetime, inclusive of one year of free upgrades. Experience its prowess with a Free Trial option.

  • Free trial
  • Premium: $299 for life. Includes one year of unlimited upgrades.


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How does Topaz Video AI use temporal data?

In Topaz Video AI, temporal data means the sequential data in nearby frames of a video. The application boosts video quality by using this information to naturally improve aspects like upscaling, deinterlacing, restoration, and frame rate. By analyzing multiple frames together, the tool can deduce extra details, reduce noise, and ensure consistently high quality across all frames.

How does GPU acceleration work in Topaz Video AI?

Topaz Video AI employs GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) acceleration to expedite video processing. In simpler terms, it leverages the GPU, specialized hardware for quick image rendering and deep learning tasks, to handle computationally intensive tasks like AI inference. This results in faster processing times and yields smoother and more efficient outcomes.

What are AI Filters in Topaz Video AI?

Topaz Video AI comes with its distinctive AI filters, trained on real-world footage. These filters are crafted to infuse genuine and realistic details into videos, drawing from information in multiple nearby frames. This process ensures a clear and sharp video output, eliminating distortions and noise often found in conventional upscaling methods.

Does Topaz Video AI provide shake stabilization features?

Yes, Topaz Video AI takes video stabilization to the next level! Using advanced AI, it outshines industry leaders in numerous scenarios. This feature automatically reduces camera shake, ensures smoother panning, and gives the impression that the original video was captured with a tripod.

Can Topaz Video AI increase the frame rate in a video?

Yes, Topaz Video AI has a powerful capability to substantially increase the frame rate in videos. Using a special tool, it generates new frames, allowing for the conversion of videos into a high-definition 60 FPS format. You can also leverage this feature to achieve stunning cinematic slow-motion effects.


Topaz Video AI can be an essential tool for supercharging video quality. It uses smart tech to make videos look stunningly clear and detailed. Whether you’re a video editor or filmmaker, or just love creating content, this software has got your back.

With advanced AI filters, it injects realness into your videos, banishing distortions. It’s amazing for your footage!

The features are top-notch – from upscaling and deinterlacing to stabilizing shaky shots. And it’s lightning-fast, thanks to GPU acceleration.

Worried about the price? Don’t be! One-time purchase, lifetime ownership, and a free trial to start.

If you want your videos to stand out and captivate, Topaz Video AI is the secret ingredient. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.