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To ensure codebase quality and reliability, efficient code review processes are of utmost importance. However, traditional code review methods often lead to time-consuming back-and-forth discussions between reviewers and authors for minor changes. That’s where “WhatTheDiff” comes in as a unique solution.

With What-the-Diff (WTD), an AI code review assistant, you and your team can streamline the entire code review process, making it faster, more accurate, and accessible to technical and non-technical team members. So let’s get to know some of the powerful capabilities and various features of this AI code assistant.

WhatTheDiff - AI Code Review Assistant - Code Review Tools - about
Free, Paid plans start at $19/month
  • Instant Code Refactoring
  • Pull Request Summaries
  • Save Time
  • Fine-Grained Controls
  • Reporting and Notifications
WhatTheDiff - AI Code Review Assistant - Code Review Tools - What is WhatTheDiff

What is WhatTheDiff?

“WhatTheDiff” is a smart AI tool that makes code reviews easier and helps developers work together better. Using the AI algorithm and different AI models, this code review assistant significantly reduces the time and effort required for reviewing and merging pull requests.

Whether you are a developer seeking efficient feedback or a project manager tracking progress, WTD simplifies the code review process, making it more productive and collaborative. With “WhatTheDiff”, you can write better descriptions, review code faster, and keep everyone in the loop about what’s happening.

How WTD Improves Code Reviews: WhatTheDiff Features

WhatTheDiff - AI Code Review Assistant - Code Review Tools - How WTD Improves Code Reviews - WhatTheDiff Features

“WhatTheDiff” is an AI-based code review assistant that can improve the code review process for developers and teams. It offers several features to simplify reviews, enhance collaboration, and ensure efficient code merging. Below are the key aspects of WTD:

Instant Code Refactoring

Code reviews often involve repetitive discussions about minor changes that can be automated. Instead of manually suggesting changes, WTD makes this process effortless by allowing you to comment on specific lines of code that require refactoring using the /wtd command. WTD then suggests the changes in the pull request, making it easy for reviewers and authors to collaborate and accept changes seamlessly.

WhatTheDiff - AI Code Review Assistant - Code Review Tools - How WTD Improves Code Reviews - WhatTheDiff Features - Pull Request Summaries in Plain English

Pull Request Summaries in Plain English

What-the-Diff translates the complex diffs of your pull requests into easily understandable summaries. These summaries can be shared with your team, and clients, or included in your changelog. Machine learning and AI models make it super simple for all team members, even non-techies, to understand the changes.

WhatTheDiff - AI Code Review Assistant - Code Review Tools - How WTD Improves Code Reviews - WhatTheDiff Features - Pull Request Summaries in Plain English

Save Time with Contextual Understanding

By utilizing WhatTheDiff, developers can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent trying to comprehend “wip” commits or “fixes” in pull request titles. The AI can effectively understand changing contexts. This makes it easier for developers to understand these particular changes and the reasons behind each change.

Fine-Grained Controls for Repositories

WhatTheDiff provides granular control over usage, giving developers the freedom to effectively manage their repositories. This includes defining which repositories the tool can access and analyze, enabling diff analysis in pull request details only when specifically requested, and choosing which files should be included or excluded from the summary.

Reporting and Notifications

Pull requests are the lifeblood of development teams, and WTD automatically translates them into status notifications and weekly reports. Stay informed about progress without writing long updates and overly technical jargon. Additionally, WTD lets you receive notifications via Slack, email, or custom webhooks.

How to get started with WhatTheDiff: AI Code Review Tools

Integrating WTD into your workflow is pretty easy. Simply connect to GitHub or GitLab to create your account and you’re ready to take advantage of the power of AI-powered code review assistance.

WhatTheDiff Pricing

WhatTheDiff offers different pricing plans to cater to various team needs:

  • Free Plan: This plan allows up to 25,000 tokens per month (~10 PRs) without requiring credit card information. It provides great value for smaller teams.
    • Unlimited repositories
    • Inline code refactoring
    • 25,000 tokens / ~10 PRs
    • Rate limited
  • Pro – 200k Plan: For $19/month, this plan offers priority email support and a limit of 200,000 tokens per month (~40 PRs). It is suitable for teams with higher demands.
    • Unlimited repositories
    • Instant code refactoring
    • Slack, Webhook, and Email notifications
    • Priority email support

WhatTheDiff Alternative

  • Whisprai
  • Ai Code Reviewer
  • RepoAI
  • Codex
  • Gitwit
  • Codacy
  • Coderbuds


What is What-the-Diff?

What-the-Diff is an AI-powered app that reviews the diff in your pull requests and generates descriptive comments about the changes in plain English.

How do tokens work in WTD?

Tokens are used to process the git diff of pull requests and generate descriptive comments. Larger pull requests require more tokens for processing, with an average pull request consuming around 2,300 tokens.

How does What-the-Diff’s AI model function?

What-the-Diff uses the GitHub/GitLab API to grab the pull request diff and then employs an AI model to generate details of the changes. Rest assured that WTD does not store your code.

Is it compatible with all programming languages?

Yes, What-the-Diff supports nearly all programming languages, and its AI can explain code changes in plain English or other supported languages.

What happens if I run out of tokens?

If you exhaust your token limit, you can upgrade to a larger plan or wait until the next billing cycle. WTD does not automatically upgrade your plan.


“WhatTheDiff” is an excellent platform for code reviews, reducing manual effort, enhancing collaboration, and keeping everyone informed. Its AI-powered capabilities make it invaluable for any development team seeking to improve their code review process. With instant code refactoring, clear pull request summaries, and fine-grained controls, WTD brings significant improvements to code quality and development efficiency.

If you are looking to optimize your code review processes, save valuable development time, and boost overall project quality, “WhatTheDiff” is a must-try tool. Its innovative approach to code review and seamless integration with popular version control platforms like GitHub and GitLab make it a powerful tool for any development team. So you can try it once for free today.

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