17 Best Google Snake Mods 2022

Google Snake Game is a classic arcade game developed by Google and released in 2017 for Chrome browsers and Android. A lot of custom google Snake Mods were created after launching google snake. Although it is an old classic type of arcade game, we still enjoy it with many new mods. These different game mod combinations can enhance your gameplay.

That’s why we’ve listed the top 17 best Google Snake mods and game modes to help you find the right mods for your unique Snake game.

Best Google Snake Mods

1. Google Snake Custom Menu Stuff

This mod is the number 1 game mode on our list because this google snake mod unlocks all game modes like food, background, snake color, etc. You can download this mod by clicking on this link.

2. Google Snake Animated Colours

Best Google Snake Mods
Courtesy of github.com

This is an excellent Mod that will change the color of the background and snake with different animated patterns. Here’s the download link.

3. Google Snake Any Board Size

With this Mod you can change the game board size to any width and height. You can download this Mod from this link.

4. Google Snake Dark Mode

As the name of this mod suggests, this mod creates a dark mode for the gameplay. But it supports only Chrome and Opera browsers. Here’s the download link and bookmark installation guide.

5. Mouse Mode For Google Snake

With this Mod you can control your snake with your mouse so it can move freely with your mouse cursor. And to do so, after downloading and enabling this mod to choose “Aimtrainer” from the menu.

6. Snake Wall Endgame Sooner

“Snake Wall Endgame Sooner” is a great mod that lets you play this game without walls which means you can play the game with fun for a long time. Here’s the download link

7. Snake Custom Snake Colors

If you want to change the snake color with a custom color then this mod is useful for you. Here’s the Mod download link.

8. Google Snake Input Counter

This will count the total number of game inputs, play sessions, etc. To do this simply import the bookmarks file from the downloaded zip file and then click the bookmark to run. Here is the download link.

9. Google Snake Burger Mode

You can enjoy this burger mode with custom colors of walls, borders, light squares, and dark squares. You can even enable dark mode. Here’s the download link.

10. Google Snake Time Keeper

This mod will help you keep track of your high score and the fastest time. To see it just click on the timer after enabling this mod. Here’s the download link.

11. Snake Toggle Death Screen

This mod will toggle “Game Over Screen” which means it will toggle “Deathscreen” on and off without changing your game score. Here’s the download link.

12. aiyiwowtgwl

This is a fun mode. If your internet is turned off it will make your snake invisible. You can download the bookmark here.

13. Snake Centered FBX

“Snake Centered FBX” is a helpful Mod that will center-align the game’s arcade mode. Here’s the download link.

14. Delete Stuff Mod

If you want to remove some parts of the snake and game background then this Mod will help you.

To download the bookmark just click on this link and import it from the HTML file, then go to Google Snake and click on Bookmark from the Chrome Bookmarks bar.

15. Google Snake But DVD Screensaver

To play with a DVD screensaver mode, you can use this Mod. You can download it from this link.

16. Google Snake Pretty Timers

This is a simple timer with a customized time format. This is a utility mod. You can download it from this link.

17. GoogleSnakeToggleScore

With this little mod, you can toggle the score on and off in the game. Here’s the Download link.

Some Other Mods

Not only the ones mentioned above, but there are also multiple other Google Snake Mods. And what’s best? The download process is the same. To try out other types of Google Snake Mods take a look below:

  • ImprovedTimer
  • MexicoMode
  • Cheese Mod
  • Twin Mod
  • MoreDistinctSokoGoals Mode
  • Classic Mode
  • Blender Mode
  • Peaceful Mode
  • Infinity Borderless Mode
  • Key Unlock Mode
  • Portal Mode
  • Sokoban Mode


This tool shows you the main leaderboard of the game. This is not a Mod. You can download it and open the HTML file in a browser to view various stats of the game.


Google Snake is the most addictive playable game. After the launch of this game, many mods have been developed which can customize the game. You can find a lot of Google Snake mods on the internet, some of which we have listed in our list and our best choices are “Google Snake Custom Menu Content”, “Google Snake Animated Colors”, “Google Snake Any Board Size”, ” and “Snake Wall Endgame Soon”, etc. So play Snake, use these mods whatever you like, and have fun. If you found this article useful, enjoy another guide on How-To-Innovative.

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